Star Wars: Force Unleashed videos

The release date for Star Wars: Force Unleashed on the Xbox 360 is nearing. LucasArts invite you to discover two lengthy videos "behind the scenes" from the development of this title on the Xbox 360. Many comments by the team can be heard, and a few scenes from the actual game can be seen

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SuperSaiyan44092d ago

Can't wait for this on the Xbox 360!

DeadlyFire4092d ago

Can we say old News.....Both of these videos are old. The wrecking ball one is fairly new, but still old news. There are 2 other articles with the first video and one other one with the second video.

This is not from just the X360 version as the contribitor tells you it is from PS3 and X360 versions.

The Wii also has a version coming by the way with the same title why isn't that listed under its platforms?