Top Ten Games To Buy Besides Halo 3

Yes, ScrewAttack knows you are going to get Halo 3 but what if you could only choose one game... and it wasn't the final part of the Master Chief trilogy?

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MK_Red4950d ago (Edited 4950d ago )

Even with little info on Assassin's Creed, they should have put it in the list. Not a terrible list but without Assassin's is sucks for me (AC is one of my most anticipated games of 2007).

ATLRoAcH4950d ago

Assassin's Creed is one of if not my most anticipated game this year.

dachiefsman4950d ago

assassin creed went back up to the top after the mature rating was tagged on it.....

joydestroy4950d ago (Edited 4950d ago )

i 3rd that. AC is going to be the sh!t when it comes out.

/edit: HE!! YESSSSS COD4 @ #1

GodofPeace4950d ago

didn't like the list at all. I believe most of them were nintendo games.. not that I have anything againist just that come on... W/e Its their opinion

MK_Red4950d ago

Well, it's no secret that they're Nintendo fanboys.

DeckUKold4949d ago

By the way brawl should be number 1 COD 4 is another shooter and were's the modern looks like it's still in WW2

The Brave 14949d ago (Edited 4949d ago )

where the fuk is Uncharted and Ratchet!this guy is biased .go play some fukin nintendogs,or suk on marios wii wii!

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risk4950d ago

i didnt agree with one of their games... seriously the simpsons? lol. i wouldve put mgs4 or ac in there.

Danielson4949d ago

risk my bad i went for the agree button,but hit disagree by mistake [>_<]

the worst4950d ago

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Unreal Tournament III

DeckUKold4949d ago

the three games u named are better than halo

ngg123454950d ago

Didn't list real games, like mass effect, or how about god of war chains of olympus. Better yet contra 4, beat out Super Mario galaxy, Uncharted, R&C, UT3, and many other games. This deserves a lame just for gametrailers for having 8 wii, amd ds games on that list, and for an extra lame for having simpsons game on that list. I hope one of the 10 games on that list outscores mass effect, or ut3.

Foliage4950d ago

I don't have a DS, but I want Contra 4.

It wouldn't make my top ten though.

lonestarmt4949d ago

so true, this list is Nintendo biased. I"m not a fan of the 360, but how isn't mass effect there? uncharted? unreal? PGR4? GT5 prologue? Rachet and Clank? and that is only basing it on games not out yet.

i liked how they put dracula x on there though, good call!

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The story is too old to be commented.