Dewy's Adventure Review: 7, 6.25 from GameInformer

GameInformer reviewer writes:
"As a fan of the platformer, I'm always glad to see developers taking a chance on a genre that's far too under-represented in today's market. In addition, I long for more titles that attempt to show us that the Wii's motion controls can be good for more than just 30-minute party game sessions. Enter Dewy's Adventure, a creative new title by the creators of Elebits that casts players as a drop of water whose mission is to save the world from the age-old video game menace of environmental degradation."

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MK_Red4040d ago

It's really sad for me since I had high hopes for this game, coming from the designers of Elebits (One of my fave Wii games).

FelicityOldGamer4039d ago

You are always sad with Wii...

You´re sad because good games are coming for the Wii like Dragon Quest, Rygar, Fatal Frame... Come on... if you have money to buy a PS3 or Xbox360 you can buy a CHEAP Wii and play good games only for Wii! Don´t forget... SSB, Zelda, Super MArio Galaxy, Metroid, Mario Kart, Resident Evil Umbrella C, No More Heroes, Nights...

I think it´ll be a pretty good cheap investment to buy a Wii!!!


Dont be so negative to the Wii... Just respect the "other way of playing"