Turning (off) Japanese: It is time for Microsoft to pull the plug

The Age (Australia) technology reporter Jason Hills suggests that it is time for Microsoft to pull the plug on Japan. He writes in 'Screen Play':

"While Microsoft has enjoyed little success in Japan with either the original Xbox or successor Xbox 360, it continues to throw money at the territory for little result, and last week promised more 360 titles for Japan. But surely it is time to pull the plug...

The inescapable fact is that Japan continues to all-but ignore the Xbox 360 despite a strong software line-up, an aggressively low price and an uncharacteristically slow start for Sony's PS3 in its home territory...

Microsoft would be much better ploughing all the money and resources spent on trying to woo disinterested Japanese punters into support for Japanese developers to continue to make games for the West.

Having the best Japanese developers create 360 games for the West is crucial, but it is time Microsoft accepts that Japanese gamers will never embrace a Western console and invest their money elsewhere."

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socomnick4040d ago

Japanese people are loyal to Japanese companies I wish Americans were too you will never see me buy a pos toyota Always American cars.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4040d ago

ITs about quality.

All Japanese cars are way better then American cars. Everyone knows American cars are going the worse right now in the market.

GameOn4040d ago

American cars arn't that bad. As long as your going in a straigh line they're fine. Americans do have some legenday cars though.

TheMART4040d ago

Well not all Japanese cars are better I can assure you...

Best cars in the world come from Germany though. That's where they are really good in: BMW, Mercedes. Quality stuff

ItsDubC4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Americans are smart consumers just like any other country's citizens. Most don't feel the need to make poor purchase decisions just to be a "US fanboy".

Japanese cars are known for their higher reliability at a competitive price, and Americans have responded by making Toyota and Honda some of the best-selling cars for years. This is part of the reason why union workers at GM just went on strike. The number of employees at GM have been declining since the mid-90s in part due to consumers understandably favoring foreign brands.

European cars have been known to offer much more luxury and innovation (albeit at the expense of higher maintenance and repair costs in the US) than American cars, and Americans are obviously enamored by these European imports. So American auto companies are fighting a multi-front battle and quite frankly aren't doing so well.

I'm American and if I want an affordable and reliable car that will last me a long time, I will look for one at a Toyota or Honda dealership. If I can afford more luxury and amenities, I will find a car at an Audi or BMW dealership. The only time I might even consider an American brand is if I want a truck and even then, Toyota and Honda have competitive offerings in that market as well.

darkside4040d ago

YOUR right!!! but all the companies you named are not American, lol

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mikeslemonade4040d ago

They won't win either way. They pull out of Japan they lose this generation in the number of units sold and if they stay there they lose money. They also get better PR if they stay in Japan. How would it sound if the Xbox brand gave up in Japan? That wouldn't sound to good.

Saint Sony4040d ago

How about the famous words: JUST WAIT AND SEE

If the above words can be used with PS3, why not with 360?

Also, there are pretty decent games coming up for Japanese liking.

gololo4040d ago

My PS3 didnt died yesterday, hooray! Anyways, yes wait and see, and I doubt MS is going to ignore that market, is simply lots of money there to just ignore it. Wait and see.

ghost3054040d ago

Man i agree with the writers. Forget the japanese gamers. I been saying they have weird taste in games.

Plus Japanese gamers are different from Western Gamers. Where most American or European games are the everyday male, Japanese Gamers is full of geeks so it doesn't surprise me.

thewhoopimen4040d ago

If you ask the average japanese what he thinks american games are i bet you he'd say something like FPS and Sports Games.

Frankly, I hate sports games, and FPS shooters (not to contend there aren't great ones out there) all play and feel similar.

So if you're asking whether the Japanese like to break the monotony by killing things over and over, or playing baseball in HD... I'd say Japanese games are way more innovative.

Btw, don't even mention anything about platformers or guitar hero. Those games are totally japanese in origin.

IRONMAN_X574040d ago

yea the japs are wierd but your forgetting they are the biggest market, us the AMERICANS have proven time and time again most of our games suk so i dont blame em, but still japs are the biggest market, thats why the matter

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