Halo 3 Innovations

In additions to Saved Films and Forge, advances in HDR (or High Dynamic Range) and PRT (or Pre-computed Radiance) are examples of innocuous, invisible innovations in Halo 3. Read the full story to find out what they are and what they do in simple, easy-to-understand language.

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DJ4094d ago

Though I'm not sure what level of HDR they used for Halo 3. The Xenos GPU is capable of 64-bit HDR, though devs tend to use 32-bit depending on how tight bandwidth resources are.

PRT is new for me though, and I'd like to see developer documentation on that.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4094d ago

HDR is old stop BS about innovation.

NextGen24Gamer4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

There are so many things that Halo 3 does with graphics that is beyond any other game. Its a very pretty game and what people tend to look at when they compare it to Gears of War is the Art Style....But There are certain aspects of Halo 3 that are done graphically that is far superior to any other next gen title to date. I think Gears was fantastic for the look they wanted to achieve and I think Halo is fantastic for the look they went for. Both are Graphical masterpieces if you have the HD Tv to fully appreciate it with. I think that while some reviews see the graphics as spectacular for Halo 3 and others feel it's not as nice as Gears or Bio SHock....I really believe they are judging it off of art style and not technical achievments....

Ign hit it right on in regards to the HDR lighting. Its freaking unbelievable. And the textures are very well done. I can't find anything to complain about with Halo 3 and I have put 4 hours into it already in my campaign. I'm on level 3 with 6 more levels to go. I have played online as well. Waaaaaaaaay too much fun. The best online experience I have had with a game.

I do believe its a perfect 10....I believe Gears is as well and Bio Shock....

Those three games are the best games money can buy right now. Period....The reviews support my claim...All averaging in the mid to high 9's....and all released within a year. Its a beautiful time to be a Gamer.

P.S. Mass Effect is right around the corner...and don't sleep on Call of Duty 4. I have been playing the beta and its simply amazing. The graphics are ultra realistic....And it runs at 60 fps. WOW

CRIMS0N_W0LF4093d ago

Ever played Half Life 2 on PC? Thats how to use HDR.

Stupid fanboys

NextGen24Gamer4093d ago

Yes you are a Fanboy....LOL....

Yes I have played Half Life 2 on my Computers....Its one of my favorite games.

With that said....I stand by my statement. Halo 3 is the best use of HDR lighting to date. There is no other game even close to it.

Know who you are talking to before you call people stupid and fanboys. LOL....

I have Maxxed out Computers buddy. 4 of them. I have 8 xbox 360's and a Wii and Ps3. I have 8 HD flatscreens in my house. 2 of them being 61 inchers. One being 1080p. I buy every game released for every system. I am a true hobbyiest in the video game industry.

I love Unreal, I love Half Life and Counter Strike, I love all the Quakes and Dooms. When I say love...I mean I bought the games and beat them and played them to death....

With that said....Halo 3 is the best FPS game ever made to date. PERIOD. Why?

Well it looks fantastic, it plays even better, and its even more fun ONLINE. The explosions are superb...the texture work is solid and perfect for the art direction....and the HDR lighting is the best I have ever seen. There are lots of other little effects that go un noticed but after playing on my 1080p tv for 6 hours now in the campaign....its really a technical feat by bungie.

Omegasyde4093d ago

Best Lighting , wow.

I am Gonna have to Call BS on that remark. Like Crimson said, try Half Life 2 or wait...try most computer games in general.

Good textures, yes pretty much standard. Better than Bioshock? Nope. The textures in oblivion are better than halo 3's. I was surprised that all the detail that was in the single playe made a smooth transition into Multiplayer.

Halo 3 is a great game, but not to amount you are "preaching" about.

Its not the next best thing, since sliced bread.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

elite gamer you fail at life. your argument shows you don't know anything. If you think Halo online is fun it means you did not play any of the games you even mentioned.

What a retard.

@ TheSadTruth: Halo 3 on HDTV will make your eye bleed.

TheSadTruth4093d ago

the lighting in halo 3 is much better than in half life 2.. what the hell are you smoking

half-life 2 is a better engine though.. I don't know what the hell bungie was doing but the character models that aren't spartans or enemies are hideously low res and ugly -_-

not to mention there skin "flickers" which really annoys me

this could be because I have a non HD tv but I don't think it changes the way the graphics are displayed THAT much

I am extremely disappointed with Bungie.. but everything else is top notch

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Funky Town_TX4093d ago

That every time a PS3 game is done their is a big tech show about every aspect of the game. It's like the dev have to try and sell a console. Only on PS3 is this possible. Get the f-out of here. PS3 is not the most powerful machine on the face of the earth. Now when dev make games for the 360 they just talk about the game. I like to here bungie talk about playing Halo. They don't do like those guys at factor 5 and make a who interview about how they did math and other sh8t. Don't get me wrong I like stuff like that. I just rather spend the few minutes that the interview is to talk about the gameplay and what is going on in the game. I wish we all would just get games that are fun polished and have replay value. We (gamers) will keep good games coming to the market.

Close_Second4093d ago

...the game still cannot manage a sustained 30fps and there are no controls to adjust sound settings!!!

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