Burnout Paradise: TGS Boosting Cam Gameplay

Extreme racing and spectacular crashes is what this next-gen Burnout is all about.

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MK_Red4094d ago

I wanted to submit this but you beat me in minutes :)
Awesome vid and awesome game. Can't wait.

Violater4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

But that looks sweeeeeeet.
Now tell em to make a game for me with that engine.
Imagine a nice sandbox game that looks that good.
Imagine if GTA4 looked that good lol.

MK_Red4094d ago

Well, after publishers saw Burnout 3 released on PS2, they were overwhelmed by its graphics engine and a lot of them licensed the engine. I strongly hope the same thing happens to the new edition of Renderware, used in Burnout Paradise because I'm seriously tired of all western games using UE3.

rushbd4094d ago

As the engine was based on PS3 ( then ported to 360 ) , games from this engine will look sweet on PS3.

SuperSaiyan44094d ago

Looks awesome! If it looks as good on PS3 because it was the lead platform then hey at least it will look the same on the 360 I guess so this time both versions will be top.

However in the past PS2 games were lead platform then ported onto Xbox but Xbox versions got graphical upgrades...Now considering the 360 has better graphical capabilities I am wondering if the developers could perhaps make it look even better? Although it looks awesome as it is!

Kleptic4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

hahaha shut up...

whats with the "360 has better graphical capabilities"...why even do that?...

name one game where the PS3 was the lead platform and the 360 version looked better...only game the 360 got that was first for the PS3 was VF5, and every reviewer has commented on the plastic looking character models on the 360...and that was a horridly rushed 1st generation launch title for the PS3...

and there are already several games where the PS3 version ended up being better visually...despite not being the lead platform...Dirt being the most recent...

in the end it doesn't just come off as retarded bringing up flame bait in an article that was free of it until you showed up...

Fighter4094d ago

OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG. That looked so damn good. And to play it in 60fps in High Def will be like heaven for me.

MaximusPrime4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

The video sure looks really nice. That first crash was brutal.

@ rushbd: Yep, the developer kept their words that PS3 will be better than xbox 360. The power of the PS3 is reason behind this.