Halo 3 Review -

Hollywood reviews Halo 3:

Microsoft's marketing slogan for "Halo 3" is "finish the fight," but it could more appropriately be "don't mess with success." With the exception of an amazing new feature that lets players create videos out of their gameplay, this third installment in one the best-selling videogame franchises of all time is remarkably short on innovation. While out-of-the-gate sales will undoubtedly be huge, fans won't still be buzzing about "Halo 3's" play a year down the road as they did with its two predecessors. If this game has a legacy, it will be in the tools it gives users to create their own Master Chief shows.

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ShiftyLookingCow4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

their Bioshock review was very good but this review is meh. Of course that is just my own opinion. feel free to disagree

Imallvol74040d ago

Someone steps up to the plate. Halo is fun no doubt, but the hype and ratings are ridiculous. THIS GAME IS NOT anything higher than an 8.5.

Omegasyde4040d ago

I agree even. I am halo 3 owner and I find it ridiculous that so many reviews gave the graphics either A+ 10/10 or 5.0....

What game are the reviewers playing? Because it definitely isn't the same copy I have. In fact how is it that Bioshock and Heavenly sword
LET ALONE GEARS OF WAR... have worse graphic scores when compared to the
BS that IGN, Gamesspot, 1up (EGM), Game Pro gave.

Graphics are a 8 at best. Fun is 9.5 however. I guess graphics mean jack $%&^.

Halo 3 is fun and I am satisfied, but if this game gets

I will quit gaming and start another hobby like butterfly collecting.

:) lol

wingzero4040d ago

again halo 3 is not all that bioshock is way better plus we need more real game reviewer instead of these [email protected]@ksuckers we got HALO 1 IS STILL THE BEST IN THE SERIES AND I;M GLAD I DIDNT BUY IT I RENT IT AND BEAT IT IN LESS THAN 8HRS.IM A HARDCORE GAMER AND THIS GAME IS OVER HYPED PLUS THE WEAPON SOUND EFFECTS SUCKS BIG TIME.THE 360 CAN DO MUCH MORE BUNGIE JUST TOO DAMN LAZY B??ch A$$ES.