Crysis 2 Performance Preview

Crysis 2 is one of the year's most anticipated PC games. Considering that the original game to this very day can put a mid-range machine to crawl we were keen to preview how the game runs on current generation graphics cards.

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xtremegamerage4671d ago

Textures are nothing special.
Shaders are nice
Lighting is nice.
Particle system is nice in places.

It will look good and bad on Console.

Will look like a different game on PC.

AKS4670d ago

I'm gettting it for PC as well, but I didn't think it looked bad in the 360 beta for a console game. It was pretty fun and ran reasonably well, actually.

Kalipekona4670d ago

"textures are nothing special"

I don't know where you are pulling that from. The article certainly doesn't say that. I have seen the game running and the textures are very good.

"Although we have only tested an early "beta" version of Crysis 2, we aim to purchase and re-test the full version next March 22nd as the results and the game itself look stunning.

We cannot say with certainty that the performance we've seen today will align with what we find in roughly a month’s time, but we can tell the graphics we saw were amazingly detailed and performance output from current generation GPUs was quite satisfactory."

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Theo11304670d ago

On topic, The game runs 60+fps on medium Dx9, but high drops down to around 30fps. But this is just a beta, and not even Dx11. One of the last things devs work on optimization, so I would say to not look at the leaked beta as any indication of what it run like.

evrfighter4670d ago

Surely you aren't talking about the pc....how it runs on your pc is your own hardware to blame.

If your only getting 60 and 30 fps. Disable vsync.

SuicideShaun4670d ago

Directx should point out that he is talking about pc. And yes the beta does only have dx9. With dx11 enabled the game will be like a whole new world.

Theo11304670d ago

I would, but I don't know the command, no option in the menu. And my pc is fine, it should be able to run this game without a problem, the problem is optimization. Especially when I'm have an i7 920 @3.8, and a 470 gtx

AKS4670d ago


That obviously isn't the final version, so I'm not surprised it isn't well optimized.

Sarcasm4670d ago

Supposedly some are saying that the "leaked" build is limited to only medium settings despite it saying "Hardcore" which is presumably the highest settings.

I say let's just wait for the full release to make any real judgements.

despair4670d ago

Hardcore is not even the highest setting, at least not by the previous warhead standards, there is a level called Enthusiast which is higher than Hardcore.

Plus it doesn't seem like the "leaked" version is running on the highest settings either as you said even on Hardcore, its still all DX9 not DX11 which should result in some insane graphics. Funny thing is even with the limited settings the game looks incredible. I really am getting excited for this game now.

Kakkoii4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

edit: bugged comment system -_-

Kakkoii4669d ago

That doesn't seem right. I have an i7 920/930 also, and only at 3.3ghz. And 2x GTX 460's. But I'm only playing the game in single GPU mode since there's no SLI profile for it yet.

At very high settings (you have to set it to sys_spec=4 in the system.cfg to get that high). I keep a steady 60FPS.

the optimization is great, it must be something wrong with your computer. Are you using the absolute newest drivers? Do a clean install of them.

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Clearly neomatrix got rocked on the crysis beta on xbox, takes you to use your brain, COD running sprinting around like a dumbass doesnt work sir.

Of course you can only compare it to the only game you know. Comparisons limit your ability to think freely, just remember that.

the game will look good on xbox which im getting because my community is on there and im getting it on PC for the MOD tools cause they are awesome fun.

Tyre4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

well said Markus.... people that compare Crysis 2 to CoD obviously have never played Crysis...Crysis is a whole new playground and i love that console games have this addition thanks to Crytek!

Kakkoii4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

You have to use your brain well in COD too if you actually want to keep a good KD ratio while also placing within the top 3. If all you want to do is get kills, then yeah you can just run around like a fool.

FPS games really need to start making the KD ratio the determining factor, not the amount of kills. Especially in team deathmatch.. If you died more times than you killed people, you weren't a help to the team at all, yet you could still somehow get placed as number 1 merely for having the most kills lol.

No FPS games is easy. People saying it's so easy to kill in COD tend to forget that goes both ways. If it's easy to kill people, then it's easy to get killed. So stop hating on one FPS or another just because you don't enjoy it. (And by "you" I'm talking in general.)


my point being this gave involves using your brain on a far higher level than COD and even to do well in COD you dont need to be particulary smart, you just need a decent aim and aim assist works its magic.

Ninjamonkey824670d ago

Well looks like ill be upgrading this 460gtx 1gb :/

Kakkoii4669d ago

Why? I'm playing the game with a 1GB GTX 460 and I get a steady 60FPS on very high settings in the game.


Everyone's favorite Ryzen 7 5800X3D might get a big discount for Christmas

Are you looking for a deal on the Ryzen 7 5800X3D this holiday season? You might be better off waiting until after Black Friday to get a discount on this very capable Zen 3 CPU.


I have it, one of the best CPU's around. If your still on AM4 upgrading to one will be a huge boost for games, and even if your still on pcie 3.0 (like me x470) there is no reason to worry about pcie 4.0 drives. Because with Direct Storage there is hardly a difference if any in loading like Ratchet and Clank, which is the only game that's worth playing with it. That and as it is now DS seems like a wasted effort there are no more games this year and none announced next year using it.

darthv7216d ago

I haven't built a PC since 08... which is to say the one i did build is an AMD AM2. I been meaning to build a more modern one though. Im watching Newegg for deals on CPU/Board combos. I miss Fry's for stuff like that.

PRIMORDUS16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Ah ok, then I would def go with an AM5 build because of the upgrade path for CPU's. with the 5800X3D that's the last best gaming CPU for AM4. If you like check out Paul's Hardware on YouTube he has great guides for building new PC's. Also check out PC Part Picker for great deals to.

Snookies1216d ago

I hope this is in fact getting a discount! Would love to replace my Ryzen 5 3600! One of the only things left that's slightly holding back my PC at times.


AMD is also releasing 2 more X3D CPU's: https://www.tomshardware.co...

AM4 still going😁 I'm sure there will be a pretty good discount for black friday. If you do buy it you will see a huge jump in FPS in games. If you play any MMO's that's where it shines a lot, big FPS uplift.


Oh one more thing, this video just dropped from GamersNexus revisting the 2700x and comparing it to other AM4 CPU's like the 5800X3D https://www.youtube.com/wat...
Massive jump in performance.

Luc2015d ago

That's the one I have + 7900 xt for 1440 gaming. Good value for the money


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