Analyst: Take-Two Turnaround Well Underway; BioShock to PS3, Wii?

Speaking of the much lauded BioShock, Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey said that he thinks Take-Two could bring BioShock to PS3, PS2, Wii and handhelds some time during the company's 2009 fiscal year. In addition, he noted that the next game from 2K Boston/Australia could be released during FY09 as well. Another big contributor, according to Hickey, will be Mafia 2, which "likely will go platinum."

As part of the publisher's turnaround, Hickey believes Take-Two is also going to start raising additional capital in advance of the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV next year. "Additional capital could be used to insure liquidity for working capital needs, fuel potential studio acquisitions, and fund future development projects," he said.

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ShiftyLookingCow4138d ago

lmao if he simply said Bioshock to PS3, I might have even considered it possible, but he went on to add Wii and handhelds. Part of the reason Bioshock is so good is because of its atmosphere. This guy has no idea what he is talking about.

Sangheili854138d ago

I saw PS3 and thought "its possible" then saw the Wii and Handhelds and laughed

Vojkan4138d ago

Yes that sounded like BS! On Wii and PS2? LOL Ok on PS3 but on those 2 must be some kind of Joke. What is next Killzone 2 graphics on Wii and PS2?LOL

Taker_1294138d ago

The difference between bioshock and killzone 2 is that in killzone 2 there is so much stuff going on that the even if you lowered the resolution the calculations involved would be impossible, but with Bioshock since there maybe 4 to 5 enemies (at the most) on screen at any given time lowing the resolution should allow for bioshock to be ported to the wii or ps2 with no problem. As far as handhelds, course those would be totally different games made for each.

eagle214138d ago

Just clearing that up. L.a. Noire was rumored fiscal 2009. But it could arrive November 2008.

kspraydad4138d ago

Hey...if you can put Halo on DS why not Bioshock?


razer4138d ago

Halo to DS rumor has been debunked so many times over the last couple years..

kspraydad4138d ago

to come up with an equally stupid port like this analyst. Where can I get paid for this sh1t?

Kyur4ThePain4138d ago

Careful what you say about Halo...razer might p!ss his pants.

jackdoe4138d ago

You never know, at the rate Microsoft is going with DS games, it could very well happen...

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mountaindewtab4138d ago

mafia 2? did he say that? this is the first i've heard of anything of that sort now i have to research. mafia was my alltime favorite game.. but i played it on pc before it ever came to console. anybody know where i can find more info?

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