PS3 version of Crysis 2 'runs the same as 360', says Crytek

Crytek's executive producer Nathan Camarillo has told GamerZines that Crysis 2 looks exactly the same on PlayStation 3 as it does on Xbox 360, saying that "other than the key prompts you wouldn't be able to tell the difference."

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kingdavid3945d ago

Bad then because the textures in the 360 demo were just dreadful.

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lil Titan3945d ago

thought they where going to take advantage of each system power? or am i thinking of another developer? please remind me who that was if anyone knows what im talking about

The Meerkat3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

I thought the same as you.

So people were thinking it would have better lighting and textures on the 360 but better physics and more on screen with the PS3.

Reborn3945d ago

I remember this article, since I bookmarked it for some reason.

"The interesting thing is we did run a performance analysis on the PS3 devkit, and you know the funny thing is the occupation on all the CPUs, the Cell and the GPUs, is pretty much – the needle is at the limit... There's not much more you can do and frankly the breakthrough was very recent, and otherwise we would’ve had a compromised strategy on the consoles, which we don’t have now.

"So I think we will still have an upside, but we're touching the hardware limits already. We do develop very very low level to get that performance out. Like I said, we started three years ago in the research of technology, and we had to dig very deep into the hardware to find the reserves, and say 'oh we have 2% more here, and 1% more here,' and that allowed us actually to get to where we are."

Full Article:

vsr3945d ago

Same as = compromising the quality

Ju3945d ago

Crytek's attitude is a bit weird.

That article you link up there is from 2009. So, they knew beforehand how they could max out the console? Yet they haven't released a game yet.

In contrast to Guerilla who actually have delivered a game about 2 years ago and yet managed to squeeze much more out in their latest release. I never heard them say they reached the boundaries. Well, maybe they have now.

I would like to see the same effort from Crytek. Tell us you have done what you could for Crysis2, and you now have a better understanding what you could do for Crysis3. But not - "oh, we reached the max".

People who have done nothing but squeezing the PS3 have not, but Crytek, being a cross platform developer has. Yeah, sure /s.

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Hellsvacancy3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

I can see it now *PS3 version is more jaggier then the 360, its also has less textures, lower frame rate, buggy online* thats what heppens when devs say the PS3 version is on par with the 360 version

Meh, i never planned on buyin it, well not new anyway, i think my buddy is plannin on buyin it, ill borrow it off him at sum point (he keeps tryin to lend me Blac Ops and i keep sayin "NO MOFO"

R2D23945d ago

Who bubble raped you? Silly me, you cant respond becasue your out of bubbles.

Biggest3945d ago

That is funnier than you realize, R2D2.

Redman223945d ago

"Who bubble raped you? Silly me, you cant respond becasue your out of bubbles."

he said with his last bubble. lol

GodsHand3945d ago

It's ironic because you have one bubble as well. I will vote to bubble you up because of the laugh I got out of it.

Der_Kommandant3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

I'm a victim as well of the Bubble molesters!

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xAlmostPro3945d ago

So much for "each version will take full advantage of the system it's running on" lol..

Although i expected this when the 360 got the exclusive demo

Darkfocus3945d ago

Ironic that you would say that because while I believe that killzone 3 has overall better graphics than crysis 2 on consoles, the only thing that C2 exceeded K3 in is it's textures imo.

finbars753945d ago

you guys can disagree with kingdavid all you want but from the demo that I played it was definatley dreadful looking except for the lighting thats it.The enviroments where not looking so great at all.I kind of figured that this game wouldnt even come close to pushing any limits on any console considering that its really built for a PC.

FanboyPunisher3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

They always have and will look low quality...

512MB on both consoles can hold 512MB's of data, if your seriously going to complain about that go buy a fucking PC.

You own a console, deal with the H/W limitations; accept them. Consoles arnt the place you want to be if you only care about nice HD crip smooth graphics with HD textures.

I own both consoles because I like games. I own a pc for that too, but i also own my PC for 'graphics' like this situation, Crysis 2 only real choice if you have the option is PC.

King got PWNED.

starchild3945d ago

king david is talking out his @ss. Crysis 2 has great textures for a console game. I would bet anything he hasn't even played it. I bet he watched videos and let his other fanboy buddies on the internet convince him it was bad looking. I've seen people all over the internet who are saying things that makes it obvious they haven't even played it.

Aside from that I agree with you about the reasons for why we game on the PC. If you want the absolute best performance then the PC is the way you got to go. That said, the 360 version of Crysis 2 is still extremely impressive. I think it looks better than anything I have seen on consoles before. Crytek should truly be commended.

DaTruth3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

But one console is pushing 256MB of that 512 to the screen at five times the speed of the other console!

I don't know how much of a difference this would make exactly, but the general consensus with computers is "faster = better". They probably wouldn't bother making faster ram if it came with no benefits!

mittwaffen3945d ago

Do you know how often that line has been proven to be true on benchmarks today?

Its actually memory timings that make the biggest difference. Memory speeds are rarely truely used (DDR2VDDR3) and more so when you add triple channel into the mix.

Timings make the differences, speeds actually very little. This isnt comparing first gen memory vs ddr3, were talking past 5years for this comparison.

Look it up for yourself.

CrIpPeN3945d ago

It doesn't matter. I get this for PC anyway.

bluwulf3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Another year, another Multiplatform game that delusional 360 fans are pretending is on par with PS3 exclusives. Will this ever end?

Facts,None of you can provide any evidence or technical proof that Alan Wake is on par with Uncharted,KZ, or hell.. even Gow3. Same with Gears of War.All it is, is a bunch of bots pretending. Same nonsense was said for Metro2033 last year.. its NEVER a 360 exclusive that can stand on its own and fight through the test of time. Its always a future title, or a multiplatform that ends up dropping FPS all over the place, as the Crysis2 demo. With less going on.. like the crysis 2 demo...

KZ3 is 32 player & doesn't downgrade the visuals to a 8bit game. 360 can't handle that.. Just like forza can't handle 16, it cant eve handle 8 with cockpits visible it has to shade the windows. UC2's multiplayer isn't downgraded by 90%, like Gears.

Every single clockwork. I'm dying over here @ the Gears of War 2 comments, its the fucking unreal engine! My god, have bots no shame? PS3 handles its exclusive, and handles the 360's best efforts which sadly fall short of the mark.

Find me a streaming game on the 360, that runs half of Uncharted 1's visuals.You cant, all you get is loading hallways & elevators, and subHD alan wake & halo. Microsofts best efforts say hi.

So according to bots, Crytek is the best visual dev known to this gen, considering they've bested every single PS3 exclusive, with the 360's hardware.. right guys? This really what we are going with...?

Stick to NPD only sales threads. 360 owners have no clue about visuals, im convinced most of you are blind at this point if you think a sparse crysis2 demo > kz3's mp beta.

according to bots:

1. Crysis2 is better than everything on the ps3.
2. Gears of war 2 is better than everything on the ps3
3. Alan Wake(lol) is better than everything on the ps3.

So is Crysis2 better than Gears? So that means its infinitely better than Uncharted2/GoW3/Kz3?

This makes 0 sense guys. None.

gamer20103944d ago

I'm convinced most of you on the strictly PS3 side are truly blind and have no clue about visuals. How else can you explain the ridiculous comments claiming Killzone 3 destroys Crysis 2?

I'm sorry but even if you don't agree that Crysis 2 looks better than Killzone 3 there is no way you can claim it is worse. The stuff Crysis 2 is pumping out in the visuals is seriously impressive stuff and if you can't see that it is you who is blind.

mega BIG time3944d ago

hey blu, your boner is showing.

fatstarr3944d ago

Why say things like this -_-
just goes to tell that they didnt push the ps3 to its limits
its like having a 9800gt and a gtx 460 and saying this game runs the same on both...

rlm413944d ago

hey shut your mouth.. The PS3 and 360 versions were developed for their respective consoles.. Not one version was ported to the other so if it looks the same than that means that the console doesn't have greater capabilities than the other one.

mega BIG time3944d ago


You're going to explain Crytek's code to us?? LMAO what else do you have in store? Any quantum theories u want to shoot at us?

mega BIG time3942d ago


To quote BattleAxe, "The way i would describe Crytek's code....Imagine you fill up a garbage can with paper cups without crushing them down to maximise the space in the garbage can, and then you tell everyone that the garbage can was 100% full, when in actual fact if you had crushed all the paper cups down, you could have fit 4x as much cups in that same garbage can."

LMAO! This always makes me laugh! In a very criticizing, demeaning way! I'm sorry for callin u out paintsville, plz forgive me!

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Shanks3945d ago

Sounds like Crytek messed up.

Raven_Nomad3945d ago

Game looks beautiful no matter the case, nobody should be angry. Even though it's just a demo on the 360, I thought it was probably one of the best looking FPS games I've ever seen.

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finbars753945d ago

I dont think Raven_Nomad has played to many games in his/her life with a comment like that.On console its alright on PC beast of a game.I dont even play PC games at all but seeing this on a PC would be eyecandy in my eyes.But then you did just answere all those questions out there best fps on a 360 what else do you have to that stands out thats not mutiplatform?

Raven_Nomad3945d ago

I don't play P.C. games at all, I don't like P.C. gaming, never have. So it's not really my thing. Definitely prefer consoles all the way. Sit back with the ol Xbox 360 in my lounge and play over XBL. Just something about that appeals to me more then sitting straight up in an uncomfortable chair looking at a tiny screen using keyboard and mouse.

FudgeBear3945d ago

Amateur statement from Crytek. "Runs the same as..." Why are they comparing it to the Xbox 360 version? Is that the bench-mark they set? Ridiculous.

Jdoki3945d ago

What's happened to the good ol' days when devs made the best game possible using the strength of each machine!!

Guess costs really have spiralled to the point where picking a common basline to aim for is good enough, rather than expending extra time, money and resources to tailor a game to each platform.

jack_burt0n3945d ago

Exclusive exclusive exclusive.

No matter the platform, treat crysis 2 as a pc exclusive and then you wont be disappointed well not much anyhow.

nickjkl3945d ago

but jack i was expecting what they can do with the ps3 rather than what they can do with a pc

its kinda like a tactician vs a brute

being smart and optimizing for the ps3 and creating a game that trumps all seems more like a technical feat than just making a game look good on pc

either way it seems like all their talk about pushing systems wasnt true since they have fallen back on to words that have been said by alot of devs

"runs the same as the 360 version"

which is NEVER true

The Meerkat3945d ago

Wow, The PS3 must be a beast if it can match the 360.

SasanovaS19873945d ago

im tryin to make sense of the statement, but im too smart to digest something this stupid

Ingram3945d ago

You were all over the place circa 2007, "praising" your console of choice by simply bashing the other in corny, stupid and "provocative" ways, you haven't come out of your cave that much since then, where is your GOD now in 2011, mmh?