The Simpsons Movie Announced for Blu-ray

Fox Home Entertainment has announced that they will be bringing 'The Simpsons Movie' to Blu-ray on December 18th, day and date with the DVD release. The disc will be authored using BD-Java, and feature an AVC video encode and DTS-HD MA audio track. Extras include numerous commentaries, deleted scenes, and promotional video - all in high definition.

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Phantom_Lee5014d ago

Simpson...Simpson....what happened man?~~ u use to be cool~

SmokeyMcBear5014d ago

oh thank you.. ive got seasons 1-10 and still gotta get the rest. deleted scenes.. sweet

eagle215014d ago

It will be interesting!

ATLRoAcH5014d ago

Blu-Ray having the Spiderman Trilogy this holiday will help the Blu-Ray market.The Simpsons is also good.Something thats coming to Blu-Ray in October I believe that I'm looking forward to is Edward Scissorhands, Speilberg and Johnny Depp at their best.

The Brave 15014d ago

hd dvd has Transformers(a beauty)and shrek as their heavy hitters this holiday.Blu ray has Spiderman trilogy,Pirates 3,Simpsons,huge releases from Walt Disney,Fox(Die Hard) coupled with some other big Sony Pictures releases(Resident Evil anyone?)and you have an unstoppable force this holiday.Not to mention that Transformers and shrek would have been multi-format if it would not have been for a certain company playing the role of an obstructionist.Bill Gates cannot buy the whole world!P.S the Playstation 3 is the B.S.E(best system ever!)It will just take a few more months if not weeks to solidify this!Must BUY =UNCHARTED=AWESOME

Lightning Mr Bubbles5014d ago

and PS3 has Blu ray, will that help PS3?

mikeslemonade5014d ago

Yea because only blu-ray player that sells well is the PS3. The stand alone blu-ray players are selling less than the hd-dvd players. Simpsons is way better than the Rush Hour 3 article we had yesterday. Rush Hour 3 isn't even going to be making it into my netflix que but the Simpsons will.

eagle215014d ago

The only player that is a sure thing is the PS3! Stand alone units can't play games so they are a gamble. If you look at view tips in your n4g profile, N'gai Croal got word yesterday September 24th, (the article is todays yahoo news),of Sony ordering alot of 40 gb hardrives. He speculates a new sku by thanksgiving (rumor). At $399 or $499 the best bet is the PS3. Now standalone Blu Rays will outsell Hd-dvd players by a margin but of course everyone won't be going gung ho over them. The PS3 will appeal to the family who wants to play games and watch HD movies. The PSP was $199-$249, last x-mas (I purchased one). Fanboys said it had no games, but it had Metal Gear, Syphon Filter, Daxter, etc. (all 9.0's). It sold 953,000 in December in North America. It was $120 more expensive than the ds, but it has it's on lane for handhelds. Sony sold out of $599 PS3 players last december, with 497,000 sold out. This year they have a cheaper player, 15 more first party exclusives, crazy multiplats, and a robust blu ray market. The campaign for Spidey 3 should be rolling after this Halo stuff is over. They will do fine.

jaja14345014d ago

No it wont, and that alone will earn my 50 disagress!

Anyways, even if the PS3 is the very best Blu-Ray player people will still buy a stand alone player regardless. Part of it is because, stores which sell both units would want people to buy the more expensive of the two and also the lack of trust. By that I mean, even if I said the PS3 is the best player, people, because of the PS1/PS2 will see it as a gaming machine. Now its definitely a perk of the system, but well there you have it. Fell free to call me a fanboy and whatever else, but you know I'm right.

ATLRoAcH5014d ago


Basically I Don't really disagree with you but I think Sony is going to start advertising the benefit the PS3 has with Blu-Ray.Right now standard Blu-Ray players aren't much cheaper than the PS3 and I heard they may bundle the Spiderman 3 Blu-Ray with the PS3 this holiday.So that would help.

jaja14345014d ago

Ohh I have no doubt they will and in point of fact, if I had an HD TV and wanted a Blu-Ray player, the PS3 would be my choice because it is currently the best and I, as a gamer, am "in the know". Problem is most people are not and if your not a gamer, chances are you wouldn't pay attention to a consoles commercials.

Kind of like when a commercial for say laundry detergent comes on TV. I might watch it but I wont remember it past 2 min. Kind of the same idea, well that and the fact that in pretty much every store I have ever been to the game section is not right by the movie section. Now if they threw a couple of PS3 next to the stand alone Blu-Ray players that might just be crazy enough to work!

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CRIMS0N_W0LF5014d ago

I get to see Spider Pig and Harry Porker in HD!

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