Yakuza 4 on X360 in April ?

Either somebody at CD Universe screwed up or Yakuza 4 isn't PS3 exclusive anymore

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callahan094366d ago

Obviously it's just a mistake.

callahan094366d ago

Disagrees? Really? The damn store doesn't even list the PS3 version. Obviously it's coming out for PS3. Therefore this is an error. That's supposed to be a listing for the PS3 version but they listed the wrong console, and it even has a picture of PS3 box art on the page.

anthraxCZ4366d ago

honestly, you can keep this series on your ps xD

hatchimatchi4366d ago

anthraxCZ most likely hasn't ever played a yakuza game...

I can't wait for Yakuza 4, Yakuza 3 was one of my favorite games last year.

SkyCrawler4366d ago (Edited 4366d ago )

@acquiescence- Zing!

Edit: I've never even heard of this site until now.

Istanbull4366d ago

Yakuza is ps exclsuive since Yakuza 1, why would Yakuza 4 suddenly go on 360 lmao.

kingdavid4366d ago

Yakuza 3 got boring real quick.

At least Ill know not to pick this one up.

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gaffyh4366d ago (Edited 4366d ago )

@siyrobbo - All of the games you listed are actually really good games, just appeal to different audiences.

Also, how the hell is PlayStation Move Heroes shovelware? You must be a new-age gamer or something, because I don't see anything wrong with Jak & Daxter, Sly & Bentley, and Ratchet & Clank in a game together. It's like SSBB, only a platformer. Platformers FTW.

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malandra4366d ago

if this is true then I want that Michael Phelps swimming game in return

Achemki4366d ago

Allergic to good games much?

Acquiescence4366d ago

why so many of us have been marked down for trolling when all we were doing was calling out someone for being a troll in the first place. And he hasn't even been marked down either...the one who started it all!!

The mods of this site, seriously. Talk about punishing the wrong users.

Guitardr854366d ago

It's ok callahan, there is a phantom disagreer going through this article bashing everyone that likes this series. Don't take it personally. I'd be surprised if I don't get a disagree for just mentioning this...Come on where is it?...

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Redempteur4366d ago

Cd universe keep making mistakes lately .

Besides sega already annonced the collector edition for the ps3 version . why would they keep a 360 version under wraps so close to the release date ..

yakuza4 is PS3 exclusive. Simple as that

Neckbear4366d ago

It is indeed a mistake, and Yakuza's exclusive for a reason:

Its target fanbase is in Japan, having only a little following here in the West. Hell, that was the reason SEGA doubted in localizing Yakuza 3 so much. From a business viewpoint, porting the game to a console where it's unknown if it'll succeed or not is quite...risky. And SEGA doesn't have much faith in Yakuza as a big-name series here in the West, so the logical conclusion would be the following: Won't happen.

Redempteur4366d ago

Actually the biggest reason Yakuza is a ps3 exclusive is because the engine used for the ps3 games ( kenzan, 3,4, of the end ) uses large portion of CELL code in order to render crowds without wasting ressources.. so unless sega japan and the yakuza team is making a portage THEMSELVES , so far this gen the Yakuza games will stay on ps3 ..

( yakuza psp has static backgrounds , different stuff by the way )

it might be different next gen but that's so far away....

hamburger1234366d ago

Soo Xbots can get Yakuza 1,2 and 3 in comic form right?

WetN00dle694366d ago

You know that many a 360 fanboys would like to have this on their system. Its like the PS3 fanboys and Mass Effect, they bashed and thrashed the name mass effect till it got announced for the PS3. Once they heard it was coming out for their system they peed their pants with anticipation for its release.

R2D24366d ago

Why are people saying that this is not possible? Is Yakuza a Sony IP or are the dev 1st party.

If not then I would think they would want more sales.

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d3nworth14365d ago

or an April fools joke.

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Cloudberry4366d ago

It could be an error / something.

It doesn't matter to me anyway.

If it's somehow it's true, then good.

More people could enjoy this game.

Yakuza 4 English version is released at March 15th 2011 in North America, and March 18th 2011 for Europe.

DigitalRaptor4366d ago

I think gaming journalists have started to loose their common sense!

It's a retailer, not an official source.. and it's obviously a mistake.

Baka-akaB4366d ago

Hum it's cduniverse ... no way they'd know either way before everyone else

SonyRep4366d ago

LOL no way ps exclusive n always will be

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