PSU's Haze Interview - "Exclusive on PS3 in late November 2007"

If there is one first person shooter that PlayStation 3 gamers can look forward to this holiday season it's Haze, and what better way to get gamers excited than all new details and re-confirmation that PS3 users can now call Haze their own? Here is PSU's interview with Rob Yescombe, screenwriter and developer at Free Radical.

PSU: A lot of people, press included, have been labeling Haze as a possible Halo killer. What are thoughts on this comparison and for you, how does Haze have the upper hand?

Rob Yescombe: Well, since we're a PS3 exclusive, we're not really in direct competition anyway. The truth is that we're big fans of Halo, and we're under no illusions about the fact that Halo is a juggernaut that will roll over most things.

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skynidas4132d ago

this game will surprise people but theres something that i didnt like about the online details theres no customization :-(

BlackIceJoe4132d ago

The one thing I do not get is why fanboys need a video game killer. There are many great games on the market. But when the fanboy part comes in people will say this game sucks if it is not on there console of choice. I know not every one has the money to be able to go out and buy all the systems. But you still wish that some people could see a good game and not have to say it sucks just because they can not play it.

Now I know fanboys will always be out there but you still wish that the bashing would stop and instead people can enjoy the games they do have over they do not.

nasim4132d ago

we have HAZE and UT3 in 2007 vs just HALO 3 on x360.

ps3 clearly has the edge even in 2007.

well 2008 will see total ps3 domination

chester4132d ago

does sony have to release these top games in such close bunches? 3 exclusives in september (lair, hs, warhawk) and now haze, uncharted, and possibly ut3 all at the end of november. is there something wrong with spreading things out so i can focus on one game for awhile, then move on to the next?

crck4132d ago

There are just alot of exclusives coming out in the next 4 months. OCT. has R & C Tools, Hot Shots Golf 5, Eye of Judgment and Folklore.

Blasphemy4132d ago

I have to agree with chester a bit. Their good games are launching to close togother. Your also forgetting Call of Duty 4 at the beggining of the month. PS3 has 14 fps scheduled to come in the last two months of the year. I don't know if it's really Sony's fault though. Can it be that Sony just has that many good games coming?

Figboy4132d ago

i think what some of you are forgetting is that people have different tastes.

for example, i'm dying to get my hands on Folklore and Ratchet and Clank, but Hot Shots Golf 5 is a pass for me (despite it's critically acclaimed status).

also, Haze and Unreal have me intrigued, but i'm not at all interested in Call of Duty 4.

different strokes for different folks. the problem is when you have a huge range of tastes in games (my roommate has to pick up all the sports games, on *TOP of the other games like the ones i mentioned above), and you really do want them all.

out of my personal tastes, there are about 9 or 10 games i really want this fall, that i'm trying to figure out how i'm going to attain. ultimately, some i'll buy, others i'll rent.

while i agree that companies need to start spacing out releases logically, i know they won't, as the holidays is *ALWAYS, and probably always will be, the biggest moneymaker for them, though they have made a few adjustments. back in the day, games almost *NEVER released during the summer. it was all holiday releases. the past generation, however, there have been some nice quality releases during the months of April-September, which is nice, but wasn't the norm a few years ago, and certainly not when i was a boy.

DarkArcani4132d ago

I love how everybody complains about there not being any games for then PS3. The next breath, there are too many exclusives so close together. Make a wish list or something. At least they are giving you a lot of exclusives to choose from.

b777conehead4132d ago

chester just because there bunched together docent mean you cant concentrate on one game at a time just spread out your buying. Sony needs these games out to move consoles get the fan base up

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ironwolf4132d ago

FPSs? Aren't they something that's only supposed to be on that evil Xthingie?

Violater4132d ago

That was before we saw KZ2 now our appetites thirst for FPS blood till it arrives.
Please try and keep up.

Vertius4132d ago

It's all about variety.

Regret4132d ago

Sony gamers always played all genres. Large game base on PS/PS2 of all genres will continue on PS3. Sony always try to make few exclusives of each genre to satisfy everyone :)

stee1564132d ago

I love fps' except for scifi weaponry games, more into modern weapons kind of stuff. Ps3 has a complete mix of every game genre which I think is awesome.

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