O Bungie, Betrayer of your Brothers and Sisters in Development

Jeez, Bungie. Releasing Halo 3 and muscling out the other worthy releases of September 25th without even a thought as to the lives you're ruining and the families you're destroying. Good thing Mega64 created a dramatic re-enactment to bring to light the terrible truth of Bungie's Halo 3 9/25 release, originally aired on last night's Gamehead Halo 3 launch special.

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M4I0N34042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

hahaha, very funny :D, WTF is trophy buck abt anyway LoL, i might buy it :p

bym051d4042d ago

I just can't believe that crap like Halo is taking away attention from the super realism that is Cabela Trophy Hunter.

CyberSentinel4042d ago

...and so is the blond guy.

Caxtus7504042d ago

wtf? the blonde guy MAKES this video! HILARIOUS! and he is THE FUNNIEST!!!

Rockstar4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

"...Not another Xbox game?"
"You bet your sweet cheeks it's on Xbox"


JasonPC360PS3Wii4042d ago

It's nice to see gamers laugh at the same thing when not throwing rocks at each others console (LOL I love the wars).

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