A Little on the Arrogance of PC Gamers

The gaming media has been declaring PC gaming dying for the last decade ever since the advent of the PS2/Xbox generation. They declared that the computers couldn't possibly keep up. But the machines have raged on, arguably having as good graphics as the consoles. But those aren't the games that PC gamers play which is strange in and of itself. But when you combine this genre of games with the persevering against all odds machine and the sort of people that play them, you get a lethal combination.

Pandamobile4899d ago

Wow, I haven't read something so retarded in a while. Thanks for the laugh, whoever wrote that.

Kon4899d ago

Thanks, i will not read this

zootang4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

What you boys fail to mention is how long you have to wait for some titles.

PC only gamers never got to play Red Dead Redemption the biggest game of last year. Games like GTA4 and Assassins Creed you have to wait months for.

Then there is games you can't even play;
Halo Reach
Heavy Rain
Alan Wake
Little Big Planet
Gran Turismo 5 ect.

ugabugaz4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

So I can't have an awesome gaming PC and a PS3? Interesting.....you're just as stupid.

Edit: Guess what a decent PC can do as well. Emulate old consoles and let you play games at high resolution and with lots of AA!

Edit 2: Before I got my PS3, I only had a PC, So I think I understand the supposed "mentally" of PC-only owners. Also, I didn't name call, I just said you were stupid.

plb4899d ago

That's why I always say PC/PS3 is the best gaming combo to have ;) I get UC, Heavy Rain, GT5, LBP, etc plus the likes of great PC titles like SC2, Witcher 2, and upcoming Diablo 3

zootang4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )


Perfect! Have both or all. I just stated that I don't understand the mentality of PC only owners. No need for calling me stupid, you muppet lol.


Better? Shame he had to go there.

BlackTar1874899d ago

Didnt name call just said you were stupid?

DeathMetal14744899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

Most of that list is average at best. And you can't play The Old Republic,Guild Wars 2, The Witcher 2, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 (or any RTS for that matter),Shogun 2,WOW,any of the Stalker games, the first 2 Crysis games, the real version of BF3 ect. And I'll glady wait months for GTA4 to get hi res textures, draw distances and car densities 5 times higher than the consoles. Oh yeah and actual HD resolutions.

kaveti66164898d ago

"Also, I didn't name call, I just said you were stupid."

ahahah eh

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ugabugaz4899d ago

Agree, this dude is a moron.

Motion4899d ago

Lol, yup. "arguably having as good graphics as the consoles"
Saw that and decided to stay away.

arjman4899d ago

LOL maybe this guy is running onlive on a netbook and is basing his opinion on that

tacosRcool4899d ago

What an anti PC article. Us PC gamers always get the short end of the stick anyways. Without the innovation of major hardware manufacturers pushing bigger, faster, and better parts, there would be no PC gaming NOR console gaming. Without PC gaming, console gaming would have the current consoles forever

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distorted_reality4899d ago

"arguably having as good graphics as the consoles"


PLEASE tell me that this article wasn't serious. I don't have enough time to rip it to shreds right now (even though I really, REALLY want to).

Tachyon_Nova4899d ago

Yeah I lolled for about 5 minutes after I read that, still having a bit of a chuckle to be honest. As for the rest of the article most of it doesnt make sense, and what does is still laughably ignorant.

negroguy4899d ago

"arguably having as good graphics as the consoles"

Haha ty for pointing that line out so now I wont even proceed to read the article. I dont even have a powerful gaming PC but that line made me laugh for some reason.

Shackdaddy8364899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

I had to stop at the 3rd paragraph. The amount of stupidity in this article is ridiculous. Did the writer try to troll or something?

I have never seen so much "arrogance" come out of one person...

Geralt4899d ago

I think it's a joke guys.

mtorino4899d ago

I wrote it. It's not a joke. It's genuinely how I feel. It's just blatant arrogance from the PC side

Thrillhouse4899d ago

And blatant ignorance on your side.

Shackdaddy8364899d ago

Enormous arrogance on your side... It sounds like an enormous troll post from a guy who doesn't know what hes talking about.

distorted_reality4899d ago

Honestly can not believe that someone can be that stupid.

Oh wait, you only play sports games. No wonder you've got no clue.

ugabugaz4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

I am sorry, but you need to be offended. Seriously, look at what you wrote. What you might be describing is perhaps 1% of the PC Gaming Community. I'm going to speak for myself, but pretty much all of my 70 PS3 friends game on PC as well, and I'm not alone in that regard. This paragraph in particular strikes me as pure hate, perhaps you're like that, no?

"They essentially become militant when you accuse their titles of being the nerd genre (which is true whether you accept it or not). There aren't any cool people who play Starcraft for example. They all major in biology or computer science when they're in college (nerds) or just sit at home all day and get fat. They read science fiction and worship Isaac Asimov. These people see no subtlety and need everything thrown directly at them. The rest of us, albeit not all, who play other genres can see shades of gray"

I'm sorry but you're fucking retarded when it comes to having a clue about PC Gaming. You've made no valid points whatsoever, just hate, hate and more hate.

TomSawyer1874899d ago

Maybe I should write an article about how ALL consol players are retarded frat boy meat heads who only play Halo or COD...


hoops4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

This has to be hands down the WORST article ever on N4G.COM...
And that's saying a lot.
You truly surpassed retarded into a entire new realm.


"There aren't any cool people who play Starcraft for example. They all major in biology or computer science when they're in college (nerds) or just sit at home all day and get fat. They read science fiction and worship Isaac Asimov"

LOL. Wow. You truly need mental help mtorino. Put that crack pipe DOWN!!!

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Letros4899d ago

Does he not see the hypocrisy? Where do these people come from trying to be writers?