[email protected] Petaflop Barrier Crossed (Update)

As can be seen from the stats page over at Stanford, PS3 consoles are delivering 1020 TFLOPS (that's over 1 Petaflop) from 41,145 participants.

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nasim4040d ago

when u run FH project you can see that around 255gflops of energy is dissipated.

a typical low powered x360 would need 10 xenons to do this

segasage4040d ago

something much better than Playing LAIR and Warhawk....Run to your PS3's you got some folding to do...

Wait 6 years the games will come...


lmao2474040d ago

way to turn a good thing into a stupid comment. Yeah its + points for sony, but it doesnt need your negative input. I mean its probably hard for you to grasp, or anyone to grasp what a petaflop even is, but if its going towards good research then im all for it,noone said you had to drop your games to do it, its called play, then when your not fold.
Warhawk is a great game(so i halo 3 OMG me and my friend played it all morning, radar jammer is pretty sick), so I just might ignore you thinking its not .

d3l33t4040d ago

are you a total idiot, obviously you know nothing about ethics.

please know what your talking about before you open your fat face to speak again

d3l33t4040d ago

A petaflop equals one quadrillion floating point operations per second (FLOPS). If you’d like to imagine this enormous computation capacity, think about calculating a tip on a restaurant bill, now do that for 75,000 different bills, now do that every second, and lastly, imagine everybody on the planet is doing those calculations at the same second-this is a petaflop calculation.

Taker_1294040d ago

why hate on something that could possible save your life in the future. Dont play down the good this is doing for medicine because you are a fanboy, just be thankful because you never know what this research could lead too. And as for not having any games i would say we have plenty more then the 360 did it's first year on the market, and all the heavy-hitter start to come in about 4-5 months.

ATLRoAcH4040d ago

We all read that in the Playstation Blog.You should have pasted then quoted.

XxZxX4040d ago

I will see you start buying 10 PS3 pretty soon and folding them like no tomorrow, when you discovered you have cancer.

DrPirate4040d ago

You can seriously go to hell SegaSage.

This was definitely not needed...

TheExecutive4039d ago

lol... its for a good cause you idiot. Oh yeah, and warhawk is STILL the best online game on any console, so you should really try playing it before you knock it.

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Reason4040d ago

...if this is PS3 news on the day that Halo 3 comes out, that's pretty sad.

I don't give half a damn about petaflops. If Sony wants to make any progress that really matters to its gamers, then keep PSN updates flowing, and work on Home.

DarkArcani4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

You are an [email protected]#. This isn't about Sony. This isn't about games.

This is about one good thing coming from another(which happens to be a gaming console). This can help find cures for diseases like Alzheimer's.

Hope karma taps on your shoulder one day. Just so you can see that this is about doing good. Stop trying to bash people who want to help this world.

People like you are the reasons we go to war. So inconsiderate for what you have.

Edit: @ ATLRoAcH

You a*&hole. Nah, it's all good man, thanks for the explanation though. Bubble for you.

ATLRoAcH4040d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

I went to click agree and by mistake clicked disagree so -1 disagree there.

Edit:How about a bubble for you DarkArcani


What's with all the hate?? Why do you have to show your fanboyism here in a topic that suppose to be all about good things?

There are people who are waiting for the research to be complete and yes the PS3 is helping it in a very significant way.

Reason4039d ago

When the PS3 was hyped as the next generation console that would revoltionize the way we played games, did you really get all giddy for the prospect of running a machine to simply contribute processing power?

All I was getting at is that this type of news is a red herring. "Hey, you don't have the next gen games yet, but in the meantime, here's some great news about petraflops!" That, my friends, is a deliberate marketing strategy.

DarkArcani, we both have PS3s. If I wanted to help find a cure for something, I'd donate to an actual charity. I wouldn't run the machine, lie to myself that I'm actually making a difference by leaving it on for an hour or two, and pat myself on the back. Oh, and without war, we wouldn't bully the world, and everything from olive oil to crude oil would be a helluva lot more expensive, so before you pour your bleeding heart ethics on me, take a fundamental political science class.

Thunder, I don't own an XBOX or Wii, nor did I mention it on my post. The fact that you assume it immediately proves your stupidity. It's fine, though; go save the world by turning on your PS3. That compensates, because you're a good person, right?

Keep on foldin', folks! Way to get the most out of your $600 investment -- by being mollified when you should demand nothing short of the best (which, ironically, is what the PS3 was marketed as, and still hasn't delivered).

gerrard4039d ago

Well mate if you're dying of cancer will your 360 save you? I think not. This is not about games you idiot this is about a new discovery way more important than games. Grow up you stupid boy

THUNDERMARE4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Well, from the look of your comment who wouldnt think of you not being a fanboy? since you mentioned that this article being post the same day as Halo release and all.


Why are you mad about folding??? tell me?
We all know that it will not help curing cancer in 2-3 years, but at least we help them saved what might be a multi-million dollars project here, now donate that money.

You might think about Sony's evil marketing strategy, but folding is not the thing you should hate.

Edit, Dont try to change the topic by talking about my grammar, do you have any better way to fund the research? if not then stfu about PS3 folding because not only it makes you look stupid, it just make you look like a mindless fanboy...

And [email protected] is not something that sold the system ok, and Sony never actually marketed it the way MS marketed Halo. Yes it is not about gaming but Sony didnt spent millions on this project, so stop saying that [email protected] has made PS3 a lesser gaming machine.

well I have nothing more to say to you kid.

Reason4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Gerrard, you're totally right. Mate. This PS3 article totally isn't about games because the PS3 isn't about games, right, mate? Stupid boy, if you spend $600 and change to NOT play games on a GAMING system, then you shouldn't be allowed to mate, mate.

Thundermare, seriously. Learn proper grammar. Your words prove my point that only idiots believe that emphasizing FH is a good thing when a BETTER thing would be to deliver on the original promises made in the first place (i.e., good games, which would checkmate the competition, mate).

Edit: I'm the one calling out the maker of my own gaming system to focus on the primary thing it was created for -- games -- and you're defending... a stickball application? Which was only launched when the PS3 only offered Genji and Sonic to support RFOM? Who's the real fanboy, you assclown? I changed the topic for your own benefit, but you had to open your mouth again. Bravo. I just murdered you. Hope [email protected] can find a cure for your stupidity, tard.

Armyless4039d ago

And you qualify.

You Fold when you're not playing games. Folding is not a system seller, it is piggy-backing off idle CPU's (including PC's) to benefit research.

This is not strictly Sony news. This is one small thing we as GAMERS can do to contribute our resources to a good cause. This is not complicated. Maybe it is, because you're retarded.

gerrard4039d ago

This article was not talking about games nor did I buy the PS3 for [email protected] either ( I bought it because it was value for money with a lot more features than 360, is better built and doesn't break down as easily) if your talking games it's got great games and a lot more to come. I called you a stupid boy which you are because something important as this could benefit us and/or our children in the future and yet you continue in your childish way to bash the PS3

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razer4040d ago

there a cure for cancer yet??

If the PS3 can't cure cancer I don't think anything can..

cmrbe4040d ago

Simple fact that you guys are helping research in possible cure for dieses is a very noble thing and you guys should be proud of that and don't let some fanboys discourage you guys.

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