360RULEZ6083d ago

Halo 3 is better than Killzone 2.


Halo 3 is ruling the world !

nasim6083d ago

you clearly heard that Although Halo 3 would sell well but IT WONT have a wider audience.

in UK /EU/JAPAN halo 3 will not make any impact. in UK the impact would be far less than what halo 2/1 did. People in EU and JAPAN are just waiting for a price cut and nothing else.

FIFA 08 has already overtaken HALO 3 in terms of pre-orders in EU .

the ps3 version will be launching on september 28th and will murder HALO 3.

KZ2 will attract non gamers as well since it is both A MOVIE with ultrarealistic graphics and NEXT GEN physics/ai/gameplay

AngryTypingGuy6082d ago

Nasim, please send us a postcard from Bizarro World and let us know how you're doing.

Jpinter6083d ago

Thats pretty funny. Although, can anyone confirm this clip? That could have been easily added

mesh16083d ago

i live in the uk a and thats nathasha caplinski google her

HeartlesskizZ6083d ago

not approving this but sure is funny

cr33ping_death6083d ago (Edited 6083d ago )

hhhhhmmmm as the hardcore MS boys said about the whole " SONY using PGR or was it FORZA?...to advertise GT" look look MS is using Killzone to promote HALO 3" just as sony had nothing to do with the GT pics, i dont believe MS has anything to do with this.

edit @ socommick: "i must be retarded to no have noticed" please buddy dont make yourself look retarded.

edit: thats right idiot correct yourself.

socomnick6083d ago (Edited 6083d ago )

difference is that sony had pgr picture in their store. BBC made the mistake this time you must be retarded to not have noticed.