PAL Halo 3 Legendary Editions screwed?

Some people having their PAL Halo 3 Legendary editions delivered today are starting to notice something strange with whats inside.

A mysterious second copy of the Halo 3 game is to be found, but at the expense of any of the special edition content. No calibration tool and no tour of Bungie.

Not many have so far reached the hands of PAL gamers so it will be interesting to see if this becomes a more widespread issue tomorrow.


Original post updated with comments from one of the affected gamers.

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tonsoffun4066d ago

that if my shop actually has a second legendary editon (as I am 2nd on the list) there will be a fooking riot if summit is missing.

FreeMonk4065d ago

the PAL Legendary sets are fine.

I received my Legendary boxset from at 6am this morning.

After opening the big black box, and removing the discs on top, then removing the head which is covered in a black Halo 3 dust cover, I placed it on the base provided.

I opened the discs and I do have 1 x Game Disc and 2 x Extra Content discs with the AV Calibration on both discs, the Halo 1&2 cinematics disc and the Bungie Tour.

Don't worry folks, things will be fine!

BlackCountryBob4066d ago

So that's how they are gonna sell so many games, give everyone 2 copies :D

Only joking, things like this were bound to happen when you manufacture on such a huge scale and happens in many other industry's too. Look on the bright side guys, you may be temporarily without the extras but you did get the game which is what's really important.

Rex70004066d ago

lol u can sell it 2 your friend
just to tell u the extra disc is not so great

lonestarmt4066d ago

wow this and the scratch disc for the collector's edition. tisk tisk

GaMr-4066d ago

So many things going wrong with the Halo 3 launch. Is this what Sony meant by ruining the H3 launch. I smell sabotage. And it smells like Sony.... lol

I kid... I kid

skillednutter4066d ago

What a Jack in The Box for M$ if this turns out to be true, My LE will be here tomorrow......

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The story is too old to be commented.