New Gaming Digital Series Coming - Please Help Support It

A new gaming digital series title "Unlocked" is on its way. We have been working hard on producing a quality product for everyone to enjoy and would truly be thankful for any contribution you can make.

"Unlocked" (Working Title) is a digital series that is focused on gaming culture. Far too often gaming is represented either negatively or falsely in the entertainment industry. We want to change that notion and offer viewers something that they can relate to and enjoy.

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Soseki4365d ago

This looks pretty awesome. It'll be nice to have more than just The Guild.

JaeKuro4365d ago

I agree, anything to add to the limited number of gamer-made shows is something I support

FanOfGaming4365d ago

looks interesting I'll check it out

ActionBastard4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

Where's Black Gamer? Drug Gamer? FPS and Sports Only Gamer? JRPG Gamer?

Mucudadada4365d ago

Wait for the next video :D

mukyoucom4365d ago

I know I am not really good at doing the whole video thing, tried it a couple times, but I feel like I must impart some wisdom.

The video was hard to watch, the editing needs to be smoother out and the video needs to have better transition. The over the top hamming up of character lines and acting where horrible in my opinion, and came off as something a VGA promoter would write. You already alienated me from your video with the way you had everyone act.

Don't get me wrong I really appreciate the angle you guys are trying to accomplish and I wish you the best of luck, but please try to remember that the "gamer" ideology is fundamentally flawed and boring, and by having a story about a "gamer" that must become the "best gamer" is utter nonsense and unrelatable(unless you live in Korea, and even then its only one game they really play as a sport.

One of the complaints you stated is that they where playing games on a TV show where they are moving there arms around, and your applying the same ridicules story and action in every way you all where acting.

Why not take a more grounded approach by about a "gamer" trying to fit in to a world that does accommodate him/her. Real world opposition like finding a job, friend that share in the "gamers" mutual interests, school, lack of free time to partake in something that is dear to them.

As a "gamer" I would hate to be portrayed as the patronizing ass hate that screams "You don't understand me" and run on to internet message boards telling others, that are doing the same thing, that the world is "dumb" for being ignorant of the "gamer" way and language.

Mucudadada4365d ago

Hey, bro. First of all, thanks for your comment.

However, you misinterpreted the video. Everything you complained about was intentionally put in there. The video is a mock of late-night PSA's that you might see for a new medicine or for whale poaching, etc. That's why the acting is over the top and the language is bombastic. If you watch it again, I think you will see what we (and many other viewers) were going for. It's meant to be a fun poke at the seriousness of some of those commercials.

As for the story concerns, it's not just a gamer trying to become the best gamer. There is quite a bit more than that. Unfortunately, I am under contract and can't give away too many details yet.

When the series is finally revealed, I think you will be pleased. We are trying to give gamers something to be proud of. And we worked really hard and used money from our own pockets to produce just that.

Thanks again,

mukyoucom4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

I will be laying in wait to see, I know how it is to take money out of his own pocket to produce something(<-points at his own website)

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