Pro Evolution Soccer '08 PC demo available

Voodoo Extreme says to screw FIFA, Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (horrible title) is where it's at if you're into football, and now there's a 1GB demo available for you to kick about in.

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Meus Renaissance4039d ago

It's being rumoured to be this week. The PlayStation Store is improving, with atleast two demo's each week per store now, so I'm hopeful we'll see a demo this week.

I played the PC demo earlier, it's alot better than the previous version.

HeartlesskizZ4039d ago

Offcurse. Im so glad this game is never a disappointment.

This game and MGS are the only games I buy with out reading reviews or rent it o and GOW

sonarus4039d ago

stick resident evil on there too demon. I can't wait for it to hit the european store. Chances of it hitting the north american store are slim considering it won't hit till nxt year here

HeartlesskizZ4039d ago

Dont hate me, But im not into Resident evil games, maybe ill rent the new racist version coming out but I prefer the movies 10 times which by the way was great(extinction)

DiLeCtioN4039d ago

are we getting a ps3 demo soon or this week if possible cus i played fifa....was ok but not pro feeling

sandip7874039d ago

last years was a bit naff in comparison to the others, bit id still give it about 9.1. PES is and always will be a fifa beater.
and i agree, the playstation store is coming along quite nicely, new demos every week..

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