IGN AU Interview: MMO Fraud

In case you hadn't noticed, MMOs are big business these days. Their mix of addictive gameplay and monthly subscriptions make the most successful of these virtual worlds a license to print money. And where there's money, there's Paris Hilton… and naughty hackers.

Kaspersky Lab is a leading developer of anti-virus software, and has turned its attention on the issue of viruses targeted at MMOs in a recent report. It's an interesting read, although the fact that it comes from an anti-virus lab means it should be taken with a grain of salt (after all, Kaspersky stands to profit if more folks buy its anti-virus software). IGN caught up with Sergey Golovanov, the author of the report, to discuss his findings, and how he managed to finish the report without spending all of his time hooked on World of Warcrack.

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