Blu-ray or HD DVD: Which Side Are You On?

It's becoming a holiday tradition: The two competing high-definition DVD formats are gearing up for the Christmas season, each hoping to consign the other to the dustbin of consumer electronics and declare victory. One contender, HD DVD, has taken the lead on the hardware side, with about 58% of sales, according to Adams Media Research. Yet Blu-ray has taken a big lead in sales of movie titles. Blu-ray discs are outselling HD DVDs by about 2-to-1 this year. That's in part because so many people who bought Sony's PlayStation 3 game console, which also plays Blu-ray discs, have bought some high-definition movies.

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Arkham4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

They fail to specify that the hardware "lead" is only in stand-alone units sold. HD DVD is so far behind in total players when the millions of PS3s are included. Like it or not, the PS3 *is* a Blu-ray player, and it *is* one of the best ones available at this time.

At this stage in the game, the failure to account for total hardware numbers in a BR vs HDVD article is inexcusable.

cuco334038d ago

since I myself have said it.

But think about it, including the PS3 it's been projected that BD has 7-10 times the players over HD DVD...

So why then only a 1.5:1 lead in software sales?

That's why analysts don't like using the PS3 as a BD player (even though it is THE bluray player to use, wouldn't want to spend $1200 on a standalone that is going to be obsolete now would we). I think I read somewhere that a VERY small amount of PS3 owners actually use the system as a BD player and software sales proves this.

Rooftrellen4038d ago

They should at least make a note of PS3 being a bluray player and mentioning sales.

However, I've never seen anyone have a problem with a bluray article counting PS3s and not telling that a poll showed that only 20% of PS3 owners know and use the capability as a bluray player.

One side is as bad as the other.

eagle214039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Blu Ray is like 5 million homes deep right now. How can Hd-dvd catch up? PS3 is a sure thing for games and movies. But will shoppers buy a stand alone hd-dvd or Blu Ray player this season? My bets are on a marginal win on standalone blu-ray players over standalone hd-dvd this x-mas because the movie library is packed with blockbusters including DISNEY (hello). Blu ray movies will easily trump hd-dvd movie sales. I have 10 blu rays to buy! Most people will choose a win/win 1080p PS3 if anything for high def movies this x-mas. watch!

cuco334038d ago

Whoever buys a stand alone BD player is going to be really REALLY pissed off when they realize their $500-$1500 player, even newly released, will be obsolete soon as the 1.1 (and 2.0) profiles hit the market.

In other words, the PS3 is still the best BD player out there. Look around, Samsung and LG who are BD exclusive are already working on dual format players. Seems they aren't happy with the way things are going. Call me a fanboy, I'm neutral... I just think it is assinine to overlook the facts. Want BD and everything it is destined to do? Get a PS3 (like i will). Want a finalized ready NOW high def movie player? Get and HD DVD player (like i did)

bdwins4038d ago

I think you may be confused about players becoming "obsolete". Most players are going to be upgraded to 1.1 if they have the appropriate hardware. All of them will be able to play movies fine, just the extra features wont play.

mikeslemonade4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Interesting stats here, You had 350,000 units of DVD players sold in 1997 and 300,000 HD disc players in 2007. Let's says Blu-ray standalone sold 100,000 units and there's another 200,000 PS3 that have been bought just for blu-ray. The numbers should be close to what DVDs were. And they do translate into sales hence Blu-ray is winning 2-1 in software. We can conclude that if it wasn't for HD-DVD, blu-ray would be having the same type of success as DVD. This prooves that people who thought HD wouldn't matter this generation are wrong. At under $500, my HDTV was basically the same price as a SDTV from a big box store.

Monchichi0254038d ago

The mass market person will not buy a PS3 as a bluRay player because that would just be cheesy. The mass market will wait till the prices are reasonable for a HD player, and that price is the magic $200.

With the HD-DVD players set to meet this starting price this holiday season you are going to see HD-DVD players continue to widen the gap this holiday season.

All those people in that work for movie studios know this and that is why the momentum is on HD-DVD side.

HD-DVD has already won, just as the 360 has. And it all comes down to affordability!!!!!

Bolts4038d ago

You're wrong. A mass market person wouldn't buy any HD player at all regardless of the price until the format war is finished. People don't buy players for their price, they buy players for their movies. Thats why a slow but steady market penetration by the hardcore and average HD fans will tip the scale in this war.

kreetah4038d ago

The mass market will look at the $200 price and thumb their nose and buy the $40.00 upscalling DVD player. Until you have a higher saturation of HDTV's most people are just not going to buy any form of HD. The total of all HD formats is 1% or the DVD market and until the cost of the players are close to the same as standard DVD then HD is not going to sell to the average man on the street. Now, I have a 1080 set and Blu-Ray player and enjoy it, but I also paid $700.00 for my first DVD player

mikeslemonade4038d ago

I doubt many people will buy a $200 player that is on the losing end right now in the format war. I mean if it was a tie game then they would jump in. Wii is winning not 360. They couldn't manage to sell one million in Japan therefore 360 is losing already after a one year headstart.

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