Why Cancelling the Bioshock Movie Was the Right Call

VGW: I am willing to acknowledge that horror movies are, stereotypically, the fodder of teens. Every summer Hollywood offers us at least one P.O.S. slasher flick with a tame PG-13 rating so that young couples can borrow Mom’s car to go to the movies on a date. This has been the standard since, well, monster flicks became popular. But that is not to say that horror movies cannot be marketed to adults.

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edhe3465d ago

/me agrees.

Sad counterpoint to the increase of gaming is the decrease of cinema revenue. Lower quality films mean publishers want larger userbases meaning they drop ratings or try to find a hook for the mainstream [ie 'the funny guy']

I think everyone should be happy that the vision of bioshock was kept alive by the director and not dumbed down for the sake of producers trying to market to the mainstream.

killyourfm3465d ago

Besides, we already have one Ewe Boll....

dagamdagee3465d ago

I think the only Director who could do a video game justice as a movie would be Guillermo Del Toro. But, I also though Silent Hill was pretty decent despite some flawed dialog.

killyourfm3465d ago

@dagamdagee: Christopher Nolan.

MaxOpower3465d ago

Cancelling any video game movie is the right call

Mikelarry3465d ago

PREACH the good word bro. it seems like every game that gets a high review score gets a movie tie in.

Lawliet3465d ago

I wouldn't say all duh.. I love the classical Mortal Kombat!

IWentBrokeForGaming3465d ago

Im a huge Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Bubba Hotep, Dead Alive, Shaun of the Dead, etc... kind of a dude!

oicheshamhna3465d ago

I think rating movies in general is more a plague. In order for a film to get rated by the MPAA they need to be scrutinized and approved by a panel of anonymous supposedly unbiased people. They are definitely not unbiased. Take a look at the film "This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated". It goes into the politics and specifics behind the MPAA.

Having a filter like that between the consumers and the producers only holds cinema back. If it weren't for the invent of DVD's and the so called "Director's Cut" or "Unrated" versions of films we would never really know what a director or writer wanted to portray.

I love horror movies too. However, when I think about all the movies that are cut down and stripped to fit into the mold that the MPAA has set forth, it makes me seriously doubt the legitimacy of any claim towards preserving artistic freedom.

Video games are a whole different story...

christheredhead3465d ago

movies based on games and games based on movies are generally lackluster at best. it would have been cool so see a real dark, gritty, violent, story heavy movie based on bioshock or directly related to bioshock that fleshed out the story more but like i said its usually a bad thing.

tehpees33465d ago

I generally tend to think game movies are rubbish in general. not all but most of them just seem to milk a game franchise. Who needs em?

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