GameSpy's Top 25 PC Games of the 2000s

Our list is complete -- what's #1!?
We pick the greatest PC games of the last decade.

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distorted_reality3896d ago

Great article - Deus Ex is still #1 for me, but can't really complain at the choices made.

plb3896d ago

A lot of great games. I really think Half Life 2 is the best out of that list IMO. Great story, great sound, great everything.

dannybohy3896d ago

cant be bothered reading it! but my top three for whats its worth are
1. Deus Ex
2. Unreal Tournament 2004
3. COD4


No mention of Unreal? or crysis? yet they have IL sturmovick whatever its called on the list?!

distorted_reality3896d ago

Crysis is hardly worthy of being on this list. It's a great technical masterpiece, but it's not exactly a brilliant game.

Unreal on the other hand....

megalonagyix3896d ago

Good list, Warcraft 3 should be higher (at least in top 10), Half-Life 2 should be 2#. I miss Unreal Tournament 2004, RTCW.

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