CNN: Can Master Chief blast his way past "Spider-Man 3" too?

Microsoft is using the Spiderman movie's blockbuster sales as a target to beat with the release of Halo 3. Is the install base there? What will final attach rates look like? Only time will tell...

This comparison brings up a good point. Will gaming ever be seen on the same level as movies? Will people walk into the office and say "Did you play the new game that came out this weekend?" Instead of referencing a movie they just saw two nights earlier?

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nasim4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

SPIDERMAN 3 grossed 900 million in its lifetime.

It is a mega hit in EU/JAPAN and REST OF ASIA.

HALO will probably sell between 6--8 million copies in its entire lifetime and would gross half as SPIDERMAN 3

Domestic: $336,530,303 37.8%
+ Foreign: $553,949,876 62.2%

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - --------------------

= Worldwide: $890,480,179

there has to be alimit to this nonsense

HALO 3 is already replaced by FIFA 08 in EU and is non-existent in JAPAN

Skizelli4044d ago

Man, you're hella dumb. They're not talking about beating lifetime sales figures. That hardly matters. Spider-Man 3 (which sucked) grossed $151 million its opening weekend. That's what they want to beat with the launch figures. Anything after that is anyone's guess. Halo has a cult following that can't be denied. You don't see many games plastered on soda cans, featured in the news (about its success and not focused on violence) and generating massive lines at launch. There's something special about it that not everyone will understand. Such is life.

Dudeson424044d ago

I agree with you on that one, it's not an easy call.

On an un-related note, I just bought my 2nd Dreamcast about a week ago, just for a reserve incase mine breaks down. I figured you'd appreciate that, given your name.

Kuest4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

"the question is not CAN... it is WHEN".

Obviously, I have just been playing Halo 3- so anything with name "Master Chief" in it seems possible. Seriously, I've almost finished the game... 7th chapter (I won't say what it is)

Edit: to rbanke

Yes, yes- everyone knows that a game costs more to purchase than a movie ticket, which makes it easier for a game to amass more $. However, one must also realize that, typically, not as many people buy games as movie tickets due, in fact, to the PRICE factor. Really, it is much harder for a game to sell than a movie since whenever someone buys a game, more consideration is involved. No one, for example, just sees Gengi and says hey $60- I'll take it without taking a moment to think about the features. Such is not the case for a movie since it only costs $8.

To put it in perspective, which one do you think makes more revenue- Mcdonalds or the fancy, Malibu restaurant that serves appetizers at $50? The same is the case for movies and games.

rbanke4044d ago

Am I missing something with this comparison? 59.95 -vs- 7-8 bucks per copy/viewing. takes alot less copies to get to the same number.

Evil0Angel4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

HALO3: game only in 360 with instal base around 5 million

SM3: movie watched by miilion and millions of people.

look at it in this way: toyota corola can make more revenue to TOYOTA than DB9 to ASTONMARTIN caz althouh it cheaper ,it accesiable by far more people

small note :HALO3 rated M , SM3 12(teen)

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