Man Buys 360 For A Complete Stranger Dressed As Master Chief On Launch Night

File this under "extreme random acts of kindness". At Game Crazy store #138492 in Reading, Pennsylvania, 17 year old Andrew Valentino - Fleetwood Area High School student - showed up in a full, homemade Master Chief costume complete with plasma sword. What makes this story even weirder is that Valentino didn't even own a 360!

When a competing Game Crazy store in Kenhorst, PA caught wind of the Master Chief impersonator, one of the employees offered the young Valentno $60 if he would go to their store so that they could take pictures! They even provided his transportation! The awesomeness of the night did not end there for Andrew, by any means. When a stranger heard that Andrew went through all the trouble af making a costume and waiting in line when he didn't even own an XBox 360, he actually bought the kid a 360 system.

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reaperxciv4138d ago

He truly deserves that one

nasim4138d ago

I have yet to see someone purchasing an x360 for HALO 3.

The ones who might purchase HALO 3 already have x360s. That guy is the only person who is being seen to be purchasing Halo 3 along with an x360.

Truely MS never gives up. Shame on Viral Marketing

Sangheili854138d ago

Nasim you are a sad little boy. He posts something as simple as "amazing!" and you disagree with him. MS and Bungies Marketing is some of the best. Most games hardly do good marketing. Why don't you post some and numbers seeing thats the only thing you know how to do.

shodown194138d ago

Why would someone disagree with that?

kn4138d ago

There are a few nice people left in the world... Hopefully he got a Halo Limited Edition console...

shodown194138d ago

Agrees and bubbles for both of you!

kn4138d ago

The gentleman that bought the console not only refused to provide his name for publicity, but didn't even provide his name to the Halo-dressed kid. That truly underscores the nature of it being a completely random act of kindness. I sure wish there was a lot more of that going around... not just in video games, but in everything in life...

ryanjtravis4138d ago

@ KN - wow, now THAT is amazing! Well hopefully the kid at least got the guy's gamertag so they can play together :)

SabreMan4138d ago

thats really good of him, well done sir to whoever you were gamers really ain't that bad some decent people are still around

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The story is too old to be commented.