Halo 3 DailyGame Review: 8.8/10

Bungie has insisted for years that the final chapter in the Halo franchise was going to be the game the developer always wanted to make. From refined combat and great graphics to a map-editing tool and robust online features, this was going to be the ultimate Halo experience. For the most part, Bungie has delivered on those goals; Halo 3 is without a doubt the most beautiful and feature-packed Halo game to date. It just doesn't have enough gameplay ingenuity or compelling plot elements to keep up with the rest of its assets.

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MK_Red4045d ago

The battle between Halo 3 and BioShock's average score on MetaCritic is getting more and more intense with each review. Funny how 2 of the best games of 2007 are competeing with each other while they're both on the same platform. Can Mario Galaxy, Call Of Duty 4 and others join the fight?

ParaDise_LosT4045d ago

DrakesUncharted and Mass Effect....
those 2 are big hitters too :P....
H3 vs Bioshock vs Mass Effect(and possibly uncharted)
for GotY award :O

Texas GMR4045d ago

Bungie... ...WTF was that! Bungie ought to be ashamed of that game. (campaign mode) That was the worst of the series if you ask me, and I thought the second one would be the worst.

Is it just me or did they put about 30 hours of storyline into 6+ hours of game play. They left me with more questions than answers.

Don't get me wrong, I love Halo and what it could be, but that deserves a 9 at the very most.

Maybe I just need a little sleep and to go through it again. Just not what I expected.

MK_Red4045d ago

MoRal_ParaDox, I believe that Mass Effect and Uncharted will be superb games as well as Rock Band, Assassin's Creed and others. They will hopefully get high scores but none of them seem to be 10/10 material. And even COD4 seems more like a 9/10, just like COD1.

The biggest battle seems to be between Mario, Master Chief and Big Daddy. (My personal favorite is BioShock though, worship that game)

CRIMS0N_W0LF4045d ago

xbots will come and flame this review even though its true. Game is good but not great it deserve 8.5 MAX

Daz4045d ago

8.5 means great and above 9 in awesome lol

Douchebaggery4045d ago

for everything that H3 offers this game is more deserving of 10/10 than even bioshock is

lonestarmt4045d ago

he says a lot of negative things, yet it gets a 8.8??

xhi44045d ago

You either love halo, or you don't. If you get caught up in the FAD, you most likely love Halo, those who are much more critical and analyitical don't really see the 'love' for Halo. I'm one of them.

I mean yes, the first game was extremely good. It hit all checks for a fps, brought nothing new, but hit every checkbox for an indicitive fps shooter. But one thing that was revolutionary, i must say, was the online for the time. It set console fps's up against PC's for the first time. But then Halo 2 came out.....more of the same just matchmaking, which is an extremely intuitive design and Bungie must be commended. Although with Halo 3, for those who love Halo, is just what they want. And that's good, solid online, short but satisfying single player. Although, Halo 3, is more of the same. But that's okay,it wil sell like crazy. Microsoft = Great Marketing, and now, you think of xbox, you think of Halo. extremely...extremely great marketing.

So enjoy your Halo 3, you will have fun, I will verse you online, but I won't be extatic like many others, for it is more of the same, nothing new, but that's okay, because well.......its Halo.

_insane_cobra4045d ago

"brought nothing new"

Stopped reading there.

reaperxciv4045d ago

the silent majority has spoken!

Douchebaggery4045d ago

halo fans (myself included) are not silent, H3 is the sh!t and i'm so f*cking piss that i can't play it yet

Real gamer 4 life4045d ago

i guess microsoft forgot to pay these guys off. Because halo is not a 9.5 game.

TheMART4045d ago

Aha. That's why trusted reviewers like IGN gave it a 9.5, right?

Big, trusted reviewers don't let themselves pay off for a high review. Their credibility is at stake.

I can imagine as a PS3 fandroid you're glad with this 8.8 while all the other what, 10 or 20 reviews gave it a mark which put it close to Bioshock's high average review score.

synetic4044d ago

TheMART halo 3 is not a 9.5 game i already played the game ( pirated copy lol ) and its not a 9.5 .. but again you just a stupid xbot

for single player halo 3 gets 8.5 for multiplayer 9.5 .. final note 9.0

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The story is too old to be commented.