Ratchet & Clank PS3: Reviewed

GamesRadar reports: "UK mag PSM3 has been given the world exclusive review of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction on PlayStation 3, slapping a 90%-plus score on the flagship title, and crediting it with "[tapping] PS3's monstrous potential".

Since they're the only mag to have played and reviewed the game, we'll let some sneak quotes whet your appetite for the full verdict - but we're not about to reveal the actual score. You'll have to grab yourself a copy of PSM3 issue #93 when it goes on sale this Thursday."

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bigmack4810d ago

This game will be really good. i hope sooner or later they finally talk about online play. does it even have online?...

VaeVictus4810d ago

it won't have online play.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4810d ago (Edited 4810d ago )

CO-OP but, i`m not sure if they are still.
it would be nice.

i`d rather have co-op than DM or TDM.

i got WARHAWK for that.

@riksweeney (below)

i know.


they should have just spent all their time on SP.

BF2 should have spent all their time on MP.

it really does make a difference.

and them MAKING R&C in 9MONTHS and getting AAA status(insomniac always does) is CRAZY.

riksweeney4810d ago

@Anego Montoya

I agree, far too many games nowadays are being ruined by the story mode being rushed just to spend more time on the multiplayer, which turns out to be another run-of-the-mill deathmatch game.

Sure, put it online multiplayer if you want, but don't sacrifice the single player experience just to put in another rocket arena.

Adamalicious4810d ago

I'm glad they focused on single player. I really felt that adding online to Up Your Arsenal took away from the length of the single player. The jump from Going Commando to Up Your Arsenal was much smaller than that of The first R&C to Going commando - I've always thought it was because of the addition of multi-player.

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Droynas4810d ago

A big titel for the Ps3 and I have a hard time thinking this will be bad. These ppl always deliver! Cant wait for release!!!!

RadientFlux4810d ago

Ratchet & Clank is one of the rare game series thats always delivers and those a rare in the gaming world (ie final fantasy, halo)

masterg4810d ago (Edited 4810d ago )

Damn I'm looking forward to this game.

Here's my list of cant wait to come 2007.

1. Ratchet & Clank
2. Unreal tournament 3
4. Call of Dudy 4
5. Uncharted
6. Halo 3 (Why was this not in my mailbox today)
7. GT5 Prologue

reaferfore204810d ago

heheh hehehheheh You said dudy!

riksweeney4810d ago


NEVER trust the postal service for things like this. Whenever I've wanted something really badly I'll put a deposit down in the shop and go and collect it on the day, rather than waiting for the mail-man (or mail-woman, let's not be sexist) to deliver it next week...

HeartlesskizZ4810d ago

wait wait wait. no online you said? are you serious? I though this game suppose to have that. omg im sad now

Regret4810d ago

You judge every game by it's multiplayer. Real gamers don't care about multiplayer. It's just nice bonus ;)

Anego Montoya FTMFW4810d ago

i`ve realized i like MULTIPLAYER only or SINGLE PLAYER only.

it really is a good idea.


it took 9 months to make this AMAZING GAME because of this reason.

HeartlesskizZ4810d ago (Edited 4810d ago )

Is my opinions and you cant change that, I like single player games but multiplayers games makes the fun last longer. see my point? sure the game will be fun and I never said the opposite, it just make me sad that me and my sister(big fans of the multiplayer) wont have same experience with the new one

boodybandit4810d ago

Multiplayer adds value and longevity to games. I don't know if I buy your "Real Gamers" remark. I would say "casual gamers" don't care about multiplayer but "real (diehard, hardcore, what ever title you would like to give it) gamers" definitely care about multiplayer whether it's online or off.

Then again I don't feel a game like Ratchet and Clank needs multiplayer but I prefer FPS, TPS, sports and so many other genre's to have it. I personally passed on Bioshock because it has no multiplayer but I wont pass on R&C or Halo 3.

apoc064810d ago (Edited 4810d ago )

uhm no, that doesnt make you hardcore... that makes you a multiplayer gamer. some games are deep and give you actual replay value, not by simply taking the [sometimes] easy way out and adding multiplayer. look at a game like disgaea; its easy to drop hundreds of hours into it w/o multiplayer. also see games with time attack and survival modes; the first metal gear solid comes to mind.

what makes you hardcore is the time and energy you spend gaming.

using your justification, there were no hardcore gamers until the last console generation except for pc gamers, and the guys that sit with a single obscure title and learn and unlock every secret and make those indepth FAQs with all the numerical figures, item descriptions, statistics for item drops and detailed ascii maps are just casual gamers.

Armyless4810d ago

even back when it HAD multiplayer you could play the game through a second time, and build a multiplyer for your bolts for every enemy you killed while not getting hit. It played like an addictive carnival game on crack.

And if you don't max out ever single weapon you haven't finished the game imho. All the extras thrown into the game make hardcore gaming very satisfying.

Venom_Blood4810d ago

Is true that Multiplayer adds to the value of a game and makes experience last longer

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