goHastings: Used Game Sale from $1.99 has kicked off a used games sale this week!

Used games from $1.99!

Pick up games like the original Mass Effect for a measley $9.00 and a ton more.

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Hockeydud192959d ago

I am deffanitley picking up a few games on there. They even have newly released games for like 38 bucks used. Enslaved is only $18.00 might pick that up too.

tdogchristy902959d ago

Does Hastings supply the original case/manuels? I'm thinking about pcking up a few games but have never used Hastings and don't much about their used games quality.

Op242959d ago

Wouldn't know. Try contacting them and then let me know so I can pick up a few lol

Neko_Mega2959d ago

Most of the time they don't and most of the time they don't even have working games.

I have never really brought a game from them after getting some games broken in half and some people don't even get any money back.

Hastings is a pretty bad place, but that doesn't mean they all are to.

flyingmunky2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

The experience I've had with my local Hastings has been a little more positive than Neko_Mega. I've only got a few broken (read scratched disk) movies/games, just enough so that I ask to see the disk before purchase. As for the game manuals its hit or miss, just depends on if the original owner bothered to give it. They almost always have the original case though. Again, my experience at my store, may not be representative.

akiraburn2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Every used game I've ordered from them (I believe 6 or 7 total now), has come in great condition with the original box and manual. Now I believe I did receive one game that had some scuffs, however after cleaning the disc off with rubbing alcohol, it looks as if it barely has a blemish at all. I don't know about their "Previously viewed" items in comparison (that's their games that they rent out from the stores, which are later put up for sale), because all the game's I've gotten have been from their "used" category. But my personal experience with them has been really good so far. It's also worth noting that all my purchases have been online, and not in-store.

The best time to hit up their sales is when they have the "Buy 2, get one for 99 cents" sales (that is, if you happen to have 3 games you are interested in). Otherwise, I'd also suggest Gamefly's used store section, as they offer some of the cheapest pricing on used games, plus they guarantee that the games will be in good condition, with the original manual and case.

NaiNaiNai2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Hastings in my city is really good, They won't even take a game on trade in unless is has the full case and book.

and they usually give good prices. I remember finding import tuner challenge for like 10$ there second hand while gamestop had it for 30 without a case.

plus they are always willing to point you in the right direction if they don't have it, or even order it to the store for you, free of charge.

*comments to the one above me*
when they get a used game in they usually resurface that day.

eyeDEVOUR2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

@Nai ive never had a problem either...i buy alot of used books from them as [email protected] those who complained ive got to ask you...who buys a game and doesnt inspect it before leaving the store???? thats your own fault for being dumbasses.... but ordering online may be a different story

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gorebago2959d ago

I've ordered from them like ten times. Everything was as ordered. Under the item description, it'll let you know if a manuel is included. They ship fast too. I def recommend them.

tdogchristy902959d ago

Gorebago is this from ordering online, that's where I'd be ordering from? I think part of the others issues is that they are ordering from a local store. We don't have a store here so id order from online, is online more reliable?

gorebago2959d ago

From their website and via amazon. They have good deals all the time. I scored darksiders, fear 2 and uncharted 1 from them for 20 bucks during xmas and they came as pristine as a used product could be. Fear even still had the cardboard cover.

I'm in nys and there are no go hastings stores here and because of that they don't charge tax.

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