Dragon Age II: Familiar Faces

BioWare has stated for a while now that characters from your adventures in the previous Dragon Age and its downloadable content would make an appearance in Dragon Age II. Want to know who they are? You're in the right place.

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Iroquois_Pliskin4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )


We need Alistair Bioware!! at least make a cameo appearance

Kon4897d ago

This, totally this. Alistair was the best char in DA:o

Iroquois_Pliskin4897d ago

"You know, one good thing about the Blight is how it brings people together."

Favourite quote!

Brewski0074897d ago

Alistair rocked alright.

Just wondering, Does the game take any data from your save file from the first one? Or is it going to be completely stand-alone?

Iroquois_Pliskin4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )


from Dragon age wiki:

Save transfer

Dragon Age II allows the player to import saves from any completed Dragon Age: Origins playthrough. So, while you may be controlling a different character in Dragon Age II, the choices of The Warden made in Origins are still imported from your save and reflected in the world. Choices from Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, The Golems of Amgarrak, and Witch Hunt will also be imported. The player must import his or her save games in a single chain tracing all the way back to Dragon Age: Origins to be able to import all game data (i.e. rather than two separate transfers from Origins/Awakening to the respective DLC)

dc14897d ago

but man.. Alistair was a complete A-hole towards her. Just saying.. he should have married the girl.

I love DA. Cant wait to grab DA2!

Tex1174897d ago

Im a sucker for Morrigan. That plot development late in the game was too WTF and awesome to never be addressed again. (Maybe this game, maybe DA:3)

LordMaim4897d ago

Doesn't the word "familiar" usually connote some form of recognition? I don't remember the bulk of these characters, and I played a crapload of DAO.


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For those of you blissfully unaware, EA and BioWare employed a payment system called BioWare Points on PC to pay for DLCs for titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. While PC gamers have been struggling with BioWare point’s unfair conversion rates and extremely scarce and cost-detrimental sales.

Console players have been allowed to purchase content in pieces through the appropriate Sony and Microsoft shops. For real money, and not BioWare monopoly bucks. In turn, console players missed out on some DLC content, such as Mass Effect 2 pre-order bonuses that have been repackaged into a DLC pack."

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TinkerNation728d ago

Great response to Ubisoft and their disgusting behavior. Ubisoft decide to take away DLC from people who paid for it, while EA give it for free to everyone when they realize their system sucks. Who would have thought that EA of all companies would be showing Ubisoft how it should be done (even if this is EA fixing their own mistakes as well).

Mobis-New-Nest728d ago

What goes around comes around and I promise you, Ubisoft will see their actions blow back on them when their diminishing sales numbers and stock taking a hit downward. That's the only way a company learns when they decide to be reactive instead of proactive.


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Orbilator887d ago

Ranked from worse to even more worse more like, they been on free fall for a fair few years now and I personally don't think any of there earlier games have aged well

autobotdan887d ago

Wow to think at one point in their history they made a Sonic the Hedgehog game..crazy

chicken_in_the_corn886d ago

Anthem is crazy underrated. I really enjoyed it. ME1 is Bioware's best imo

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Michiel1989886d ago

I actually put quite a bit of hours into Anthem but i dont think its underrated. It was a huge mess, server issues, gameplay issues, crashes, no endgame loop, too few different enemies, uninteresting gear. too few dungeons.

It for sure had potential and if they could have managed to keep the same gameplay of the classes but without the rest of the issues, this game could have been huge, but in the state in which it launched it was such a letdown. They partly fixed some of the issues, but it took too long. A grinding game like this needs to hook players from day 1.


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Snakeeater251010d ago

All dragon age games are terribly boring

Kerppamaister1010d ago

Why'd you play DA2 if you thought 1 was boring?

Snakeeater251010d ago

Because of the reviews, I thought they could do better specially gameplay wise and the third one was even worst

spss111010d ago

I've never been able to complete a Dragon Age game. They always felt too rigid in design. I eventually think "why am I playing this over Witcher 3?" or pretty much any other rpg.

arkard1010d ago

The same reason you read a different book, or watch different movies. Different world, characters, lore and story.

jeromeface1010d ago

Idk, because maybe you completed the witcher 3? Not all of us like repeating a game over and over just because its the best in genre.

spss111010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

Never found the story or lore of DA interesting. Inquisition was just generic evil dude with demon army wants to conquer world and you're the chosen one.

I've played through Witcher 3 once, at the same time I was playing DA Inquisition. Hence the example. I never finished Inquisition and went on to complete Witcher 3.

Yui_Suzumiya1010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

Well the first bored me but I loved 2 and 3. I could never get into The Witcher or Elder Scrolls but I enjoyed those as far as medieval themed RPG's go.

SegaSaturn6691010d ago

I played inquisition and thought the story was pretty well done. Voice acting as well.

Lost interest when i found an ultimate weapon that could only be wieldable postgame. Like wtf would they let me even obtain it for?