1UP previews UT 3 - Extra-vehicular activity

The Western world is pretty permissive of made-up violence, though, and Unreal revels in it. Take, for instance, death by Manta, a sort of Everglades airboat with downward-facing fans. "If you land on those blades, it does what logic dictates," says UT3's irrepressible lead producer Jeff Morris. "You get sucked through the meat grinder, and gore paints the terrain beneath." The grisly outcome is Epic's response to unexpected player ingenuity. "Originally, Mantas couldn't carry flags in UT2004 CTF," he explains. "They're much too fast for that mode." Nonetheless, he found flag carriers jumping onto nacelles -- an evolution of wing-walking exploits that became standard practice in Battlefield 1942.

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neogeo4136d ago

Does anyone on earth really believe that Halo will sell half as good as this game?