PS4 is On Hold Because of NGP, Sony Can't Be That Crazy

Earlier today we learned that PS4 has been put on hold, so Sony can focus on the PS3 and NGP. While focusing on the PS3 a little longer makes sense as we've yet to see the full power of the PS3.

This is an opinion piece that nullifies the rumor.

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Relientk773664d ago

I think hes like,
"Oh, what?"

as in he is sad that he has to wait longer for a PS4

Istanbull3664d ago

Why talk about the PS4 when you won't play on it in the next 4 5 years.

ABizzel13664d ago

you have to take it for what it is. It's on a japanese forum, and handhelds own the japanese market.

Iroquois_Pliskin3663d ago

take it easy sony dont rush it

aCasualGamer3663d ago

Isn't this a good sign? I mean, we've barely tapped the potential of PS3, just look at what Uncharted 3 achieves alongside games like Killzone 3.

I want me some more Quantic Dreams games! Some more Hideo Kojima exclusives and some godamn Starhawk and more Santa Monica titles.

WHO in their right mind wants this gen to end so quickly????

I say wait with PS4 til 2013... or even 2014.


More PS3 exclusives, YEAH! Just imagine what the next Santa Monica title will look like.

*faints by imaginational orgasm*

Anon19743663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I think the idea that Sony is pushing back the PS4 because of the NGP is baseless. Sony has never had an issue with having multiple console offerings at any given time. Right now we've still got Sony selling and promoting the PS3, PS2 and PSP, just as they have been for years. It doesn't even make sense that just because Sony's developing a new handheld they're pushing back development of a new home console. They aren't even targeted at the same market.

It's like saying Sony is stopping development of a new home theater receiver because they're planning on selling a new laptop. Having a multi console offering aimed at different markets has been nothing but good for Sony.

Zydake3663d ago

Actually I'm pleased if they did put it on hold because that means we as gamers save money on buying a new console and buying new games to get "HD remakes"

gaffyh3663d ago

PS4 = 2013, very likely.

dabri53663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I love my PS3. I do. GOW3 is one of my favorite games this gen. But to say that the PS3 is still largely untapped, power wise, is foolish. Even KZ3 had to dumb down the resolution in order to "improve" upon the visuals that were seen in KZ2. If the PS3 had more power to tap, you would see improved visuals without the compromise of other aspects. PS3 games will continue to look better, but you will see devs start to do the same thing that people criticized them for doing on the 360 to get extra visuals out of it.

What has been shown that is coming out that looks better than what has already been released? What looks better than KZ2? That's why I believe the console doesn't have much power left to be tapped. That's why I want the PS4 to be announced. Unlike the people who just bought their console recently and are scared they will have to save up more money for another cause they waited so long, I bought mine when MGS4 came out. I had my run with it. It's been good. Same with all my other old consoles. I'll get a PS4. Ill continue buying the good PS3 games after its out. Same thing that I did when the PS3 came out and the PS2.
Blows my mind that people are saying they don't want the PS4 to be announced yet.

HappyGaming3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Instabull if the PS4 doesn't come out until 2015-2016 like you said than Sony are retarded.

I doubt they would do that.

At the moment the PS3 is doing great but by 2013 would be the year that the PS3 will be so outdated compared to PC that gaming on a PS3 will be like gaming on a PS2.

Edit: Most of you people are seeing half the picture just before the PS3 was released wasn't Sony releasing games for PS2 all the time?

Sony will continue releasing games for PS3 after the PS4 is out game releases mean nothing and say nothing about how far away the PS4 is.

PS1 1996
PS2 2000
PS3 2006
PS4 2012-13 at the latest mark your calenders.

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Spitfire_Riggz3664d ago

Hopefully this means we get a lot of cool stuff on the PS3 soon, like worthy updates not just security stuff. Although I am thankful to hear MW2 is getting fixed. Gives me hope.

8thnightvolley3663d ago

i guess the way this is going ps3 might just be the last sony home console... owch.! i hope not thou... cant leave MS and NINTENDO to run that market... no competition at all not good for development.

gamingdroid3663d ago

I agree, leaving MS and Nintendo is not a good thing for the industry. We need more competition and more options. Sega please join the fray!

With that said, PS4 is not on hold because of NGP. It is on hold because of PS3. Until PS3 reaches a price tag below $200, there is no PS4 in sight!

Hitman07693664d ago

In response to your opinion piece, the reason they think handhelds will displace consoles is because in Japan, they already have.

America is not their main focus at times, and I think when they say 'displace' they don't mean 'replace' but rather a chunk will be bitten out.

Criminal3664d ago

But, as I wrote in the article, Sony is an international company, and it should look at the bigger picture not just one country.

Joni-Ice3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I trust Sony knows what they are doing. Beside the PS3 is heating up. They are releasing games left and right. I wouldnt want a PS4 right now. There is more work to do with PS3.

Criminal3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I agree with you, the PS3 has still a lot to give, but eventually (2-3 years down the road) PS4 will be released, and the NGP won't replace home consoles.

Cartesian3D3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

SONY is testing a new strategy, and that is Developer friendly and third party hardware design..
with NGP success ,Im sure they will make PS4 the same..using a dev friendly hardware just like NGP without spending billions of dollars just to design a new one.. and focusing more on the services around the hardware..

the money is in service not hardware .. so the core competency must a service like XBOXLIVE or EXCLUSIVES .. even with shit hardware MS can survive because of that..

DaTruth3663d ago

"Beside the PS3 is heating up. They are releasing games left and right."

Never thought of it that way! If PS4 did release, I wouldn't buy games for it because there is already too many games for the PS3 I want! Bad enough that NGP is going to put more pressure on too!

Pekka3663d ago

The truth is that handhelds are selling more everywhere, not just Japan. For example DS has sold a lot more than any home console in USA (yes, even Wii). Handhelds may not replace home consoles but handhelds are already a bigger gaming market.

PostApocalyptic3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )


These kind of articles come up all the time when dealing with a Japanese language. I lived in Japan. And let me tell you, that the language doesn't always translate well because American's (and to a less extent the British language) dialect comes with it its own preconceived notions. Try not to figure out what they said (word) but what they mean.

Hitman0769 touched on the subject. But let me explain what I think Hiroshige Goto means.

When Apple computer made Macs as their mainstay throughout their history, if Steve Jobs made the statement in 1999 that the iPod and iPhone would "displace" the Mac. He would be correct. Because in the big picture, the company sees the spread of the mobile device as the majority of the their market; the number of iPhone/iPod consumers it extends to exceeds the number of Mac consumers and eventually outsold them. Hiroshige saying "displaced" does not mean replace but rather a shift in company market share within their OWN portfolio (Sony INC). This is a good thing since the PS3 and PS4 will benefit from this extra revenue and market-share just as the Mac benefits from a healthy Apple iPhone/iPod sales.

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pain777pas3664d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

They are taking the right approach now all they have to do is have DS3 support and move and such via bluetooth and make it a portable PS3. HDMI out is fine. WII did well without HD graphics. The system can technically output a higher resolution than 480p so it is technically a Hidef handheld. NGP should serve a lot of purposes if it has the capability which it does to serve as a hybrid home/portable console. Some may bee looking for that.

TXIDarkAvenger3664d ago

I can't believe they were working on PS4 already. PS3 still has so much to offer and on top of that theres the NGP.

flyingmunky3663d ago

I don't know that they ever specifically work on building a new console until a few years before release. That said, I also believe that Sony is constantly doing research into technology that potentially could be packed into a new console. Staying on the cutting edge takes a lot of work and money.

ChrisW3663d ago

I read an article back when the PS3 was released that they were already brainstorming about the PS4. So, I guess it's more than just a couple years.

STGuy10403663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I happen to agree with your statement. The Playstation 3 still hasn't reached its full potential as a platform. Hopefully PS4 is still off in the future.

maniacmayhem3663d ago

When you are a big business you always have a 10 to 15 future year plan. Of course companies like Nintendo, MS and Sony are already thinking of the next big thing even when their current console hasn't even hit yet.

citan3663d ago

I doubt MS thinks ahead more than a year. Their business choices support that claim.

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Stealth20k3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

its actually a smart idea. the ps3 will be around for at least 3 years by itself, and supported at least 5. And the ngp will be around for 7+

theres really no need to rush a ps4 when nintendo and microsoft arent rushing

osamaq3664d ago

the consoles start seeing its age... , NGP has nothing with the ps4 release, I expect to see ps4 in 2013

plb3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

How so? Are you comparing graphics of a $300 console to a couple thousand dollar gaming rig? Obviously PC will win but who wants to pay that much for a console? PC will ALWAYS be ahead in the graphics department but games are more than graphics and just take a look at the Wii as a prime example or even Kinect which sold 8+ million since launch. That said, current gen consoles while obviously not as good as current PCs are definitely not terrible and it certainly doesn't take away from the gameplay