1UP: Why Are MGS4 and MGO Separate Games?

Hideo Kojima shocked the world once more with the revelation at Leipzig that Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Online will be released as separate games., albeit with pieces of MGO showing up in MGS4. Thankfully, 1UP was joined by Kojima Productions Assistant Producer Ryan Payton for this weekend's episode of 1UP Yours, where he provided some insight into the thought process behind this decision.

Payton admitted that "from my gamer perspective, if all of the sudden publishers started breaking up the single player and the multiplayer, I think people are going to feel ripped off." This discussion also lead to some great news regarding the MGS4/MGO combo and reassurance from Ryan:

"We're running into an issue where we feel like Metal Gear can stand alone as two separate products, and honestly, you're not going to pay $120 to get both, we know that for sure. We have to tweak the pricing. That's why we couldn't announce a release date at TGS."

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HeartlesskizZ4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

So is official that MGO and MGS4 are separate?
If MGO is release on the PSN then it should cost 29.99 or both for $80
I dont want to pay $100 for both. but if thats what it takes to get it ill get it.

CBaoth4093d ago

Looks like they're researching a price scheme that'll appease PS3 owners while readying MGO for a 360 release as well. That way Kojima keeps Sony happy with MGS4 being exclusive and delivers a rich multiplayer experience to both systems. It's a win/win for all - as long as MGO is reasonably priced.

mighty_douche4093d ago

but i doubt it, MGO has been built on the exact engine as MGS4 which was built from the ground up around the ps3's hardware. if you were to get MGO you'd also get MGS4 which sony isnt gonna let happen.
i dont mind games going multiplatform as long as it doesnt compromise the quality of the game itself but im hopefull sony will keep this exclusive to sell more consoles and make it a closer race, competition is good for all gamers!

mighty_douche4093d ago

like 2 days ago they said that they'd come together, or at least you'd get a 'starter pack' with MGS4!
oh well as long as it aint £40 a go its ok, anyway i think ill be playing the single player campaign for ages before id even think about online.

Marty83704093d ago

Both MGO & MGS4 are exclusive too PS3.

Venom_Blood4093d ago

He never mention anything about going to 360, all he mention about 360 was that halo was a good game thats all

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