Halo 3 launch sparks sales frenzy in Australia

The latest instalment of the popular video game Halo is set to take the world by storm, with expectations it will match the box office takings of Spiderman 3, Ocean's Thirteen and Harry Potter 3 - combined.

Fans staked out game stores across the country (Australia) overnight in anticipation of Halo 3's midnight launch.

"The line was massive, probably a couple of hundred people there," said Myles Atkinson, who queued up with other gaming enthusiasts in Brisbane.

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AliC4040d ago

Wow another Halo 3 Story, really do we need this many stories that near enough cover the same subject.

What next "Man sells kidney to fund Halo 3 Purchase"

P.S Before all the XBox 360 jump on me with the whole Sony bashing thing, please just don't its not cleaver.

BloodySinner4040d ago

This is madness! I'll be getting my copy in 6 hours.

QuackPot4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Just pre-order and cruise in later in the day. Talking about not having a life....