Free Radical eyeing Wii for TimeSplitters 4 pretty much bet there life savings of £5.67 that TimeSplitters 4 will release on PS3 and Xbox 360, but it's also looking likely that we wouldn't lose money by backing a Wii version either.

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BloodySinner4093d ago

If there's a Wii version, then it's not a real "next-gen" title. I can assume they're going to make the Wii version and beef up the visuals for the 360 & PS3. Like I said, IF.

Keowrath4093d ago

Yeah, looking forward to this title, Timesplitters is one of the only FPS titles I've ever enjoyed on a console. It would suck big style if free radical "cop out" of the next gen by making all versions the same as the Wii. Here's hoping 360 and PS3 versions get improved graphics over the previous games.

lawler4093d ago

Wii is the only console that might be worthy of FPS gaming, thumbsticks are so lame when you're used to a mouse.

KeiZka4093d ago

Waiting that definition.

Rooftrellen4093d ago

One thing the Wii can do that the 360 and PS3 can't, act like it has a mouse.

I would agree, though, that the Wii is the only console to play FPS on (and I'm not even a big FPS fan) thanks to the controller.

It's impossible to play with 2 control sticks (its inferior, for those of you that refuse to try the Wii) after you play on the Wii.

Which brings up a good point. I agree with Keizka, too...I want to know how it would be less next gen if it comes to use the most next gen way of playing a FPS.

Prismo_Fillusion4092d ago

No you guys don't understand.
The PS3 version will be the most next gen.
Because it has rumble.