“PlayStation 4″ Plans Suspended?

Big news if this turns out to be accurate. A report has gone up on a Japanese website which seems to state that Sony have shelved their plans for their next generation of home consoles. Following a translation offered on the Beyond3D forums we’re led to believe that the development of a new console will be deferred for a period of time so that Sony can focus on keeping the PlayStation 3 as up to date and relevant as possible.


Update To Previous Story Regarding PlayStation 4:


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karam4614d ago

The more it takes time, the better it will be

kewlman24614d ago ShowReplies(11)
rrw4614d ago

i do agree with that. we dont need higher graphic for now.

it probably not shelved but simply halted. they are just waiting to see if handheld can replace console

Istanbull4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

Good news, I don't need a PS4 for the next 4 years. NGP, PS3 and PS2 family will keep me happy! :)

Honestly, I think the PS4 will release holiday 2014 imo.

pangitkqb4613d ago

I personally don't want to see a PS4 or Xbox 720 until 2013 at the earliest. I'm thoroughly enjoying this gen and feel that there is bigger and better yet to come on current console hardware, particularly PS3 and PC (as it is always upgradeable).

A few more years this gen would be good for both the industry and consumers. It gives devs more time to perfect and profit from games and continually lowering prices benefit consumers.

Perjoss4613d ago

Would be very unwise for Sony to let Microsoft get that year (or more) head start again. But it looks like that's exactly what they are doing.

BattleAxe4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

If you look at it logically, the PS3 is the most powerful console on the market today, so even if MS brings out the XBOX 720 in the next couple of years, the PS3 should have no problem competing in the graphics department as the 360 really doesn't have any games that come close to surpassing most PS3 exclusives, especially when you look at games like Killzone 3, Uncharted 2 and GoW 3. One thing is for sure, and its that the next XBOX won't have Blu-Ray, which means that it will still be behind technologically in some senses. The Wii 2 might have high def graphics, but for some reason I think that it might only manage to be on the same level of the XBOX 360. I don't have much confidence with Nintendo in this respect.

I think Sony will focus more on the NGP when it comes out, and the big bonus with the PS3 and NGP is that the games can be ported back and forth easily, which is a huge benefit and I think it really helps to extend the life of the PS3. Overall, the PS3 is on a huge up-swing right now with all the exclusive games that are comming out, and with possible collaboration with STEAM and having a shared PSN between PS3 and NGP.

Kleptic4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

^^ I don't know if its as simple as that...

The 360's early release did absolutely nothing to the PS2...the PS2 crushed the 360 for the entirety of 2006...and was the second highest selling console in 2007 iirc (being behind only the Wii)...

it did hurt the PS3, so I see what you are saying...an earlier Xbox could hurt the PS4...but if Sony still has very strong support for the PS3 if and when a new xbox comes out, and by then they will definitely be making profit even on the console itself...business wise, it may be a good thing...

darthv724613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

that MS may in fact stick to their word about not having anything for the next couple of years. Focusing on kinect.

Then again....it could hurt them if they underestimate the competition again. Meaning they obviously didnt think MS or Nintendo would be doing as good this gen as they are.

They should not focus on the brand recognition as much and just deliver something no-one would have foreseen. Keep it very hush hush Sony.

EasilyTheBest4613d ago

"so even if MS brings out the XBOX 720 in the next couple of years, the PS3 should have no problem competing in the graphics department"

If you believe that I feel sorry for you.

DaTruth4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

But I'm getting the feeling that MS and its shareholders don't want to be in this business anymore!

I think both Sony and MS will milk the $hit out of this gen with Sony definitely making another foray into the hardcore gaming market. I think MS is hoping they can be the next-gen Wii and Sony is hoping they can relegate the PS3 into that category whenever the PS4 releases!

Edit: I'm good for now! Maybe I can invest in a better PC now and get my half gen there! Eight years is a long time to stretch a PC that wasn't even good when i bought it!

R0me4613d ago

Maybe this one guy was right about this cloud gaming... Why invest billions in a new console which gets hacked etc.

Maybe in some years you buy a TV with cloud gaming and you can play every game you want, no exclusives, no new hardware etc. you just pay a price and start the game. No Fanboy wars? I cant believe that.

HolyOrangeCows4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

"they are just waiting to see if handheld can replace console"
I REALLY doubt that.

This economy HARDLY demands a new, more expensive console. Any of the big three would be total fools to release a new home console at this time. With handhelds, the risk should be lesser, with prices being smaller (That is....HOPEFULLY the NGP is cheaper or equivalent to the PS3).

R2D24613d ago

Imagine if you could plug a hand held to your TV and play games next gen games.

malandra4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

PS4 will be released on for the holidays 2016

PS3 is not even half through its cycle, unlike the 360 which is pretty much obsolete compared to the PS3 or a high end gaming PC

AAACE54613d ago

But it doesn't make sense guys! Didn't we just see an article on here saying they designed the NGP with the Ps4 in mind?

I believe they can get a lot more out of the Ps3, so no rush on the next console. But why make a comment like that if they were planning on delaying it a few more years?

Kalipekona4613d ago

Some of you are so funny. The PS3 and 360 are extremely close in power. Developers, engineers, and simple common sense all tell us that. The games on both consoles, despite the rantings of fanboys, are also very similar.

Crysis 2 on the 360 and Gears of War 3 look as good as anything on the PS3. And multiplatform games like Dead Space 2 look better than most PS3 exclusives except for just a couple.

This mantra that the PS3 is somehow above the 360 is pure nonsense. And the idea that the PS3 could possibly rival the next Xbox is beyond ridiculous, it's laughable. The next Xbox could be just twice as powerful as the 360 and it would still smoke the PS3 in the graphics department, it wouldn't even be close.

badz1494613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

"Imagine if you could plug a hand held to your TV and play games next gen games."

I believe Sony will allow the NGP to do just that. the PSP has that feature for god sake and with more power to the NGP, getting PS3 equivalent graphic using the NGP connected to HDTV is totallt possible! at least THAT's what I'm hoping to be there day 1 on NGP! :)

on topic;

if this is true, this will be a 'real' 10 year plan from them without a next gen console unlike PS1 with PS2 and now PS2 with PS3!

TheLastGuardian4613d ago

They said it was going to be a 10 year console. I believe PS4 will release as early as 2015.

miyamoto4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

I think Sony is taking a page out of the PS2 book.
Technically the PS3 & PS2 & PS1 share a fundamental design principle: all rely on the commercial value & longevity of their respective optical disc format: CDROM, DVD & Blu-Ray formats respectively.(sorry PSP UMD)
Its really amazing how these media formats were designed to be supported to last for many years!
If we think that the PSP & NGP can co-existence is remarkable. Wait till you see the PS3 & NGP co-existence! It will be insane! We will see a single game simultaneously released & playing on all Sony gaming devices at the same time!
PS2/PS3/PSP/NGP/Experia Play!
Yeah that is four birds in one stone!

This is the reason why game developers head over heels over the NGP & Xperia Play it opened a flood gate of opportunity for their games to reach an even wider market even if they make just one game.

I have a strong feeling that one or two years from now smaller mobile gaming devices will be leaps & bounds more powerful than any PS4 we could ever hope for.

f7897904613d ago

Agreed even though it seems everyone wants MORE!!!

Sony loses money on new consoles and devs hate learning new consoles. The only motivation for making a new console is to compete with MS. It's a standoff now on who will pull out the next console.

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fr0sty4613d ago

PS3 is still selling very well, they have no need to abandon this generation right now. If they announce a new system before 2012 i'll be surprised. This could mean a number of things. them extending the PS3's life cycle (it's far from dead), or they could have found a better hardware route to take, and decided to drop their current approach in favor of something better.

cliffbo4613d ago

well you know my views on this


Dante1124613d ago

True, it only been like 4-5 years since the Ps3 dropped. More time, the better.

frostypants4612d ago (Edited 4612d ago )

The PS2 had only been out for a bit over 6 years when the PS3 was released. The PS1 had been out just under 6 years when the PS2 came out.

Based on their typical strategy, that pegs the PS4 release sometime between late 2012-mid 2013. I'd bank on it. And I'd also bank on them having a fallback plan should Microsoft announce an earlier release.

People keep mentioning the "10 year plan" for the PS3, but forget that the PS2 had the same thing. Just because they will keep selling and developing for the PS3 for 10 years does NOT mean they won't release the PS4 sometime within that timeframe.

lil Titan4613d ago

i dont think people are ready to see the lines of virtual and reality to blur, people are already amazed by what we have now. to bring PS4 out now would be overkill.

arjman4613d ago

I'm not a kid, I'm currently at uni, I just love saying frickin' and epic and all the like...

MostJadedGamer4613d ago

There is nothing at all surprising about this. The PS3 is still $299 it hasn't even hit its prime yet. Sony is not going to release the PS4 until they have recouped most of there investment in the PS3, and that is not going to happen until the PS3 has been at $199 or less for a couple of years,and sold a ton more hardware(Sony will make there money off software). We are a very long way away from the PS4. This should have been obvious to everybody.

hennessey864613d ago

i dont get it. Why wouldnt you want the ps4. Im seeing both the 360 and ps3 hitting there graphical limits. Granturismo 5 while a stunning game shows of the the technical limitations of the current hardware. Yes we have uncharted 3 coming later in the year bot seriously thats abour as good as its going to get. Im hoping for a e3 2012 announcment for atleast one of the next gen consoles.

Graey4613d ago

@ Hennessey

All consoles are going to push their graphical limits..and then the developers will break them but only by so much. It's a back and forth type of thing.

I wouldn't say people don't want a new console, its just at this time a new console would not be a good idea.

Think on it for a second if you will. If a new PS4 drops:

1. You would loose money dividing the player base, between the PS3,4 and NGP.

2. With the tech being new it would cost more to produce and as such you would pay more to own. Also sony would prob have to support 2 different online models.

3. There is also a Lull between when the console is released and when games are actually coming out on a regular basis. Look to have that happen for at least a year to a year and a half.

4. Complaints of people of the console being to high. Developers taking much time needed to perfect another system as they were just getting the specs and nuances of the PS3 down.

I really think you should reconsider your thoughts on a new console. I for one would have agreed with you if say this was the PS1 or PS2 going into the PS2 or PS3 lifecycle. But the graphics and all the other stuff put into games today. Just imagine what they would look like with that kind of leap again.

I think Sony since it's the only one of the 3 at this juncture that can rightly claim this. Doesn't want to bring something out past the PS3 as it would gimp their brand. Whether the PS3 would suffer or the PS4 would they are just making a profit, makes no sense financially atm to lose profit again.

Your probably looking at a loss equal or exceeding if they bring out the PS4. The PS3 is still in its juvenile life cycle at the moment.

I hope this helps clarify things.