Business on id's Terms

id Software has always developed games on its own terms, and that won't change with the upcoming Rage. id Software is a high-performance company and Todd Hollenshead is a rock and roll CEO. He works out, drives racecars, wears that style of ponytail known as "game hair," and even has an Alpacas Orgling album on his desk. Next-Gen speak with Hollenshead about a myriad of issues, such as building the new Quake Arena team, finding a publisher for Rage and standing strong beside the "it's done when it's done."

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mighty_douche4041d ago

wish more developers would be honest like this guy. cant wait for a new QUAKE.... UN-£UCKING-BELIEVEABLE... .. muhahahaha

SL1M DADDY4041d ago

WTH is that all about? I am a gamer so doesn't that make my hair gaming hair too? lol

mighty_douche4041d ago

you got leave it to grow for a few years, shy away from any natural light and wear it in a pony tail... then if your really really lucky your hair will reach the new status of (Q the music...) 'Gaming Hair'!

SL1M DADDY4041d ago

So if you have any life whatsoever then you have no chance of getting to that point? I guess I'll have to stick with what I got. lol