Survey Finds Women Own More Game Consoles Than Men

According to a JWT Intelligence survey of 1,000 respondents in the US, women actually own more gaming consoles than men. 44% of women said they own a gaming console such as a Wii, Xbox or PlayStation, compared to just 39% of men. The "Denizens of Digitivity" survey was conducted online on September 7-11.

While the survey could be an aberration, it could also indicate that the "gamer" demographics are shifting and the stereotypical 18-34 year-old single white male gamers are no longer the largest gaming demographic. The JWT trend newsletter also says women are only a small percentage of the audience for violent blockbusters like Halo, and they are increasingly taking part in music and dance video games. Ann Mack, director of trendspotting for JWT, says the Nintendo Wii has opened up gaming to both genders and all generations.

The survey also found that a slight majority of respondents (55%) could imagine "feeling OK" without an Internet connection for a few days at most, and only 18% could go without access for a full week; women are slightly more likely to own a digital camera than men; men and under 35 are most likely to use WiFi networking at home; and men are more likely than women to access the Web from outside the home.

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crck4041d ago

But maybe they are the ones buying all the Wii's and Ds lites.

mandrake4041d ago

This is just flat-out false.

Capt CHAOS4041d ago

because it's on the internet and how else are they going to pick up interesting men?

Skynetone4041d ago

even if one day women do own more concoles, thell never get past the first level

ultimately games will be designed with one level in mind and controllers will be redesigned to only have one functioning button and the most popular games will be washing and ironing sims

until that day GAME-ON

tplarkin74041d ago

I just bought Halo 3 and the only girls in the line were a few girlfriends and moms.

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