FFXIII up and running and December EGM Preview

The November issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) reports that although info on Final Fantasy XIII is tight and hard to squeeze out of Square Enix, one tidbit has popped out, Final Fantasy XIII is up and running on Playstation 3 hardware as of now (see scan 1). Whether FFXIII has just gotten up and running on PS3 hardware recently or if it's been up and running and this info has only just made it to EGM is unclear. If it's the case that FFXIII has just gotten on PS3 hardware recently, the prospect of seeing it inside 2008 seem slimmer than ever, especially in english.

Also, on the last page of the November EGM issue (see scan 2) it's revealed that FFXIII is on the top of the list for previews to be featured in next months issue. Look for scans of that very preview a month from today on

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nasim4095d ago

I predict 15 --20 m sales for FF13 which will be the most selling and the biggest game of all time.


SQENIX stated that for the first time they have been able to work with a hardware as powerful as to fulfill all the dreams of the devs

They stated that "we are doing some things on the ps3 which you could hardly manage without the ps3".

FF13 will be a showcase of what the ps3 hardware can do.

HS and LAIR gave us glimpses of what ps3 can do. The battle sequence in HS which features 1000 enemies per screen is definitely only possible on the ps3.

poor x360 owners with cartoon and washed out games like Halo 3 and Gears on a defective low powered and least selling(worldwide) console x360 should defintely jump on the ps3 bandwagon

spammy_nooo4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

I didn't even realize it was you, nasim. Until I got to the last sentence that is. So close, man, so close.

edit: Sometimes I wonder if you are actually as ignorant as you sound or if you are just a normal guy messing with people for fun. Heck, you could conceivably have some other account on this site with tons O' bubbbles. wierd.

Vertius4095d ago

Everyone seems to forget that Square-Enix said they are trying for a worldwide simultaneous release. Europe may not be able to make the cut, they say, but they're certain they'll release it in Japan and the U.S. at the same time.

Hopefully other magazines/websites will have previews soon too!

nix4095d ago

hey dude.. thanks!

i was sick of xbox fanbois lynching the PS3 sections with their stupid comments but you, my friend, single-handedly eat idiots like Mart, POG, Bladestar, Jason, cybersentinel etc for breakfast!

i thank you and bill gates and achira for making them look like noobs. thanks dude!

- nix

(sorry i know i am not suppose to encourage all this but you need steel to cut steel.)

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SabreMan4095d ago

I knew who it was because he's on my ignore list but i had a look anyway, it started off so well then the last two sentences (shaking head at monitor)

seriously Nasim you have serious issues, everyone is entitled to an opinion but please get a grip of yourself and reality
FFXIII will be a phenomenon on the ps3 something 360 owners are experiencing right now because of Halo3, the ps3 will have it's time once it gets into it's stride but it won't be this year maybe not even next.

I am a very happy ps3 owner who reads this forum just to see for myself how sad,ignorant and uninformed some people actually are, i won't call you a fanboy as your to far past that.

Seriously get a grip

Cartesian3D4095d ago

:) .. FFVII for PSone = FFXIII for PS3 ..

may be som of u guys disagree becuz u love FFVII so much.. I LOVE it TOO.. may be more than u ..

but just look at the character design direction, they want to make a HUGE STORY with LOVELY and acceptable characters like FFVII... u will feel the story in your HEART like FFVII

best wishes for square enix , u r in my heart cuz of FFVII . make another one in any name u like