And That's Why I'm NOT Pre-ordering Dragon Age II

Hooked Gamers writes: "As a huge fan of the original game, and its older siblings Baldur's Gate I and II, Dragon Age II should be on my 2011 wish list. And yet it isn't. More worrying still, why does Bioware seem hell-bent to keep it that way?"

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Chris3993782d ago

Save over $100 that way.

This article is mostly a hate piece, my only gripe is the (real, not initial) price.

Yi-Long3782d ago

... when I know in advance a title will be DLC-milking, it automatically means I won't be buying it at full-price, but I'll wait for the GOTY, IF I'm still interested in the game by then.

I_find_it_funny3782d ago

I still havent played DA1, I wanted to pick up the complete edition, but since they fucked up with the missong dlc on PS3 im not getting it

pangitkqb3782d ago

This opinion piece surprised me. I thought is was going to be nothing but whining....except that I have had the same concerns the writer had!

The bright colors? Gone
Freedom to name and "be" my character? Gone
Point of View Freedom? Lessened, no "downward facing" camera.
Tactical nature? Likely simplified to broaden console appeal.

I do, however, look forward to the supposedly much improved combat and movement animations. In that vein, it may prove to be a great game, but i do have concerns similar to those of the writer.

WildArmed3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

D: I wish I had enough restraint to wait for the GoTY edition.
But I love DA:O too much, so getting DA2 day one.. It'll be my first game I bought since Red Dead Redemption in May '10.

Looking forward to it <3

RAZORLAND3782d ago

Pre-ordered the Signature edition; Its already going for well over $100 on ebay. Decisions, decisions....

ChineseDemocracy3782d ago

I actually liked the character development in DA:O better than ME:2, I'm hoping it doesn't go downhill in the sequel.

darksied3782d ago

"freedom to name and 'be' my character? Gone"

Then you must have hated Mass Effect 1 and 2. I seriously think this is a good thing, because now you can "be" the character that they've given you and you can do what you want as him. Your character in Dragon Age was pathetic; he just stood there, mute, and it took away from the life and dialog of the whole world around you. I hope it's more like Mass Effect IN the dragon age world this time around, and it looks to be that.

Epicor3781d ago


Totatally agree with you.

And to be quite honest with you guys, I even find character appearance customization option needless in games. I mean if bioware intended John Sheppard to look like the Sheppard we know looks like, why would I want it to look different? Even if didn't like main Sheppards look i would still play with the standard character. Same goes for changing the names of characters. Sheppards first name is John, period imo.

I mean it would just feel wrong if lets say in FFVIII you would give your main character a different name: Jamal insted of Squall. Or in FFIX Betty-Sue insted of Vivi. Respect developer and keep the original appearances and names. This statement applies in all the story driven and character focused games. Some hack'n slash etc games might be a different story.

Seferoth753781d ago

Pretty sure you could rename your characters in FF7. I know in a lot of their games you could pick a different name if you wanted.

Perjoss3781d ago

I think a fair strategy for devs to take on is to announce one DLC package at launch, explain that it will be the only package, say it will be special / top quality and it will only be out after 3 or 4 months. This will encourage fans of the game to hold onto their copy (reducing 2nd hand game sales slightly).

The reason it will take 3 or 4 months is that they will only start working on it after the main game is launched, and the DLC package is being treated like a separate project.

But some devs are being greedy and milking games to kingdom come with stuff that should really be in the main game, I'm looking at you alternate SFIV costumes...

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Keith Olbermann3782d ago

"What ever happened to the lush, colourful high-fantasy setting that we knew and loved from Dragon Age? Why would I want to play in a dreary, dull looking world with off-putting colour schemes of reds, greys, browns and purples?"

Dragon Age origins wasnt all that least not on 360 and ps3. I dont know what this guy is thinking. I like the new art scheme. I think this will be one of the biggest games this year and with good reason.

xTHRASHx3782d ago

Dragon Age was much better on the PC, in every way.

jeseth3782d ago

I loved Dragon Age : Origins. One of my favorite games this gen.
I have to say that after playing it on a console that I imagine the PC version would be much many spells and commands that the console version was "clumsier" than on the PC.

I'm excited for Dragone Age 2 bigtime. Hopefully they don't change the winning formula too much!

Ch1d0r13782d ago

Yeah IDK why it got high ratings on consoles. I played it and it was total garbage. Story was good for the 2 hours that i played. Im sure the PC version would of been great to play.

frostypants3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

"Dragon Age was much better on the PC, in every way."

Yikes. The PS3/360 versions must've really sucked then, because the PC version was also a pretty bad game. Terrible combat system, boring plot, and it was out-produced in every way by Mass Effect...which was an older Bioware release.

The music was ok, but the game in general fell apart after the first 5-10 hours or so.

stuntman_mike3782d ago

i wouldnt call dragon age origins a colourful game, not even on pc. so i dont really know why that is a complaint.

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Iroquois_Pliskin3782d ago

haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll. I highly doubt he´s played any of those games... just looking for hits.

xTHRASHx3782d ago


Then you dont know Falconer my friend.

Hah this kills me.

joshvaliant3782d ago

I've known Sergio for a long time now, he's a bigger fan of biowares Baldurs Gate than you could ever possibly be. He's also as old as the gaming industry itself, so shut the fuck up as you have no idea what your talking about. He is voicing his opinion and his values go against everything you just said. In fact, everything you said in your comment describes you ya troll.

kevnb3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

I already preordered from direct2drive for 45 dollars with a promo code. I had my doubts, but after watching some pc gaameplay I knew I had to have it.

Lekumkee3782d ago

I'm still getting DA:2 even though I agree with most of what he said.

HolyOrangeCows3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Oh no! They made the combat better and now it isn't a game that can be figured out with a calculator! What will I do without my offline WoW??

"Basic enemies are killed more easily than in Dragon age: Origins? You're kidding, right? You're not? Hoo boy... So Dragon Age II really is an Action RPG then. Where is the challenge in that?"
Action RPGs can't be challenging? That's news to me.
And what? He'd rather watch his avatar wail on an orc infant for 5 minutes than slay them to get to bigger challenges?

"What ever happened to the lush, colourful high-fantasy setting that we knew and loved from Dragon Age? Why would I want to play in a dreary, dull looking world with off-putting colour schemes of reds, greys, browns and purples?"
That's funny; because Dragon age WAS a dull looking world with ugly browns, grays, and greens.

Just a whiny, close-minded, console-hating, WoW-loving Elitist who'd probably be the most comfortable playing D&D, rolling dice to decide the combat outcomes.

ChrisW3781d ago

I tried reading the article, but all that I could understand was, "Whaaaaaaaa... Whaaaaaaaa... Whaaaaaaaa... Whaaaaaaaa..."

jrbeerman113781d ago

exactly my thoughts well said

CrIpPeN3781d ago

I usually do that too. But I haven't bough the first game. I don't think I will.

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Kiriel3782d ago

Hate is a strong word... :)

ChrisW3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

No, strong is a strong word. Hate is a hateful word... : P

nevermore3782d ago

i played dragon age on pc and i agree it's visuals were not that simulating. But the game gets a perfect 10 for its gameplay and story. you know what? scratch that.. the visuals were great too.. the werewolf lair was just awesome.

i dont agree with this article.. but since it's the author's own opinion, no hate from me.

awi59513782d ago

What res and what graphics card was you using? Because dragon age looked awesome on my pc maxed out.

nevermore3782d ago

i had a 8600Gt back then...

kevnb3782d ago

Ya I thought it had alot of detail and looked awesome on pc. Im not a big fan of the console style tricks used in games like mass effect and uncharted. Im starting to think I'm the only one who appreciates graphics with actual details over nice textures with no detail.

awi59513781d ago

Yeah that card cant run at the settings i run at it can do 2 aa at the most it looks way better at res over 1080p.I force 32 samples with 16aa and 16af It looks alot better that way.

Charmers3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

I am not pre-ordering Dragon Age 2 for two reasons. The first is the way they treated steam customers by purposely locking us out of the signature edition.

Secondly they are going to produce a crap load of over priced DLC for DA 2 so I will wait for the "ultimate" edition when they sell all the content for the correct price rather than let them nickel and dime me.

BabyTownFrolics3782d ago

i guess you write about something...