Loot Ninja's Halo 3 Midnight Launch Coverage

Loot Ninja just got back from their local Gamestop with a healthy copy of Halo 3 Legendary Edition. They were on the fence about picking the up Big Daddy Edition, but after seeing the Spartan helmet, they had to have one. Yeah, you can't wear it, but this thing is cool! The packaging for the Legendary Edition is really nice as well.

There were roughly 150-200 people at their small Gamestop, which is a big number. There was a lot of sprinting out to cars once people got their hands on the game, and Loot Ninja is sure the Xbox Live servers are getting a workout right now. All in all, it went down pretty well. Loot Ninja just wished some of the food court places in the mall were open. They would have made a killing.

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fiercescuba4093d ago

Were kids doing shots of Mountain Dew Game Fuel like they were on G4 last night. Its one thing to drink that stuff, quite another to do shots of soda. I bet Jack Thompson loved that scene.

taz80804093d ago

i think if they were going to have people standing on line until midnight they should at least provide some entertainment, perhaps a nice group of young ladies that like to tkae their clothes off for cash perhaps? lol