TGS07: GT5 Prologue to have five tracks

There was a bit of controversy over the price of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, as revealed at Tokyo Game Show. Since then, Sony has revealed a few more details on the game, the most telling of which is the game's limited track selection: five in total. While this is four more than the free Gran Turismo HD, it does still feel quite scarce compared to the usually line-up of tracks typical to a GT game. Hopefully, other features included in the game will make the experience seem meatier:

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DJ4095d ago

I would like more tracks, but reversals change up the driving lines considerably in Gran Turismo. What I'm really hoping for is a great online service for the game, as well as GT TV.

SmokeyMcBear4095d ago

wait so how many tracks did forza have again?

DJ4095d ago

With slight variations of each one.

greed4095d ago

im getting it cant wait to play online to see how many people i own! haahhh.

LSDARBY4095d ago

Forza only had 12 tracks ???? no way, i would expect a full game to have a minimum of 20-25. With around 30 being ideal.

Owner360-PS34094d ago

Maybe they will tell us before long, i hope daytona's on the demo because its full out speed.Game looks good, i will give credit where credit is due.

SlappyMcTaint4094d ago

I hear you -I'd like to know which 5 tracks.

From the screenshots so far, I've seen Fuji and Daytona Speedway. I'd shart myself if they include the Nurburgring!

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The story is too old to be commented.