Hundreds in line for Halo 3; already out-of-stock at some locations

In Victorville, California, hundreds across the High Desert turned out for the game's midnight launch Monday night at local Gamestop and GameCrazy stores. Daily Press reports that despite more than seven locations participating in the small city with a total population of 64,029, Halo 3 was quickly out of stock.

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ChibiSelz4045d ago

omagawd there out of the basements fat fu(ks

360_Rules4045d ago

Are going to line-up at midnight to get MGS4 and dress up like Gay Vampires! LOL
Oh and don't forget about FFXIII all the fruits will be out then! LMAO

s8anicslayer4045d ago

it is tuesday 12:37am est time,and i just got home with my copy of halo 3 and about to get my game on

Nubzilla 3G4045d ago

I'm pretty sure Halo 3 hasn't been launchd on the West Coast yet.

Darkiewonder4045d ago


I would have loved to go out during the midnight launch but you know. Living in the south, you learn to go out when the sun is up.

Solotov4045d ago

Ahh..Don't think any one will line up for MGS4 or F.F.

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The story is too old to be commented.