IGN AU reviews Halo 3 and gives it a 8.9

Carn Shean is a firm believer, you see, in the Theory of Entertainment Relativity - the idea that if you think something's going to be great, and it's merely great (as opposed to awesomely awesome), you'll be disappointed, whereas if you're convinced something's going to be crap and it turns out to be great, you'll enjoy it much more. So, to test the theory, Carn Shean has been telling anyone who'll listen about how shithouse the Halo series is - how Master Chief is a big girl, how I'd prefer to be forced to play every Army Men game in succession than Halo 2 and how any company that promotes its products via elaborate dioramas should be shot on sight. Unfortunately, it didn't really work. Halo 3 is, in fact, merely great, and after several days out at Microsoft playing it, I've still come away disappointed. A penny for your thoughts Mr Ring.

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The Brave 14947d ago

finally somebody with the guts to give an honest review on halo3!!!!

MADGameR4947d ago

But this news article LOLZ! Halo 3 is'nt supposed to have perfect scores in EVERY site. As long as freedom of opinions exist, no game will be a perfect 1- by all sites.

marionz4946d ago

thats still a good score, anyway im playing the game RIGHT NOW and its good, dont expect to be blown away by the graphics...its not gears or bioshock

but the graphics are nice, a little bit jaggy in some places but has some great textures, its more fun then bioshock though and who cares about reviews, if you enjoy the game thats all that matters

marionz4946d ago (Edited 4946d ago )

just got my first achievement


gaffyh4946d ago

Finally, a decent review that isn't biased. I admit Halo is a good game especially the voice acting is fantastic, but it's not the best game ever made. Bioshock is better than this...

dantesparda4946d ago

You're usually very fanboyish, but i respect the way you gave your opinion on the game, very down to earth and realistic. Amen to that brother.

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ChibiSelz4947d ago (Edited 4947d ago )

lololol hahahahaha 8 lmao

AAA my ass

ngg123454947d ago

HOw is this not an AAA game, when the average, and the majority of the sites gave it a 9?

iceice1234947d ago

Not triple A my ass ahahaaha.

OatLoops4947d ago

Bungie and MS are sitting on mountains of money, I don't think an 8.9 matters to them or the people buying it. That 5.5 didn't matter to the thousands of people who bought Lair. Remember, don't be a douchebag. Just because they try to rain on PS3 news doesn't mean that you have to do the same thing.

uxo224947d ago (Edited 4947d ago )

It seems like a lot of PS3 fanboys are giving praise when someone rates halo3 below a 9. They make comments like "finally someone with an honest review" As if the reviews of 9.5 - 10 are NOT honest reviews. Because of this I have gone out and did a little looking around at ps3, wii and 360 games alike to see what the numbers look like.

Instead of surfing hundreds of pages, I decided to go to and let them crunch the numbers for me. IGN AU rated halo3 and 8.9. Folks the 8.9 rating received is currently higher than any other combined/average rate for ANY PS3 or Wii game, except for Elder Scrolls IV which is multi-platform. and for the Wii only Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The 95 , 2 Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition 91, 3 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 91 have scored higher.

Now, for the guy who said "finally somebody with the guts to give an honest review on halo3!!!!" You have just solidified the fact that Halo is better than any game currently out on the PS3, except for oblivion (Based on the combined ratings). Translated, for those who say HALO3 is crap, you're also saying that with the exception of oblivion, everything on the PS3 is crap.

Now, I'm not saying that everything on the PS3 is crap by no means, I'm just showing how your comments combined with the right data, can paint a totally different picture based on what you say. And, what's the cause of this? SIMPLY BASELESS FANBOYISH COMMENTS.

I want Halo3, HS, KZ2, and all the big titles to do well, because I will own and play them all. I just dream of the day when this site can be more sensible and less of a SH!T talking competition. FLAME on me if you must, but I'm just showing you how easy it is to take words out of people's mouth and totally redirect them and still be telling the truth.

Why is it so hard for Sony fanboys to give halo its props? Why is it so hard for 360 fanboys to give the PS3 its props? And why is it so hard for both 360 and PS3 fanboys to give the wii its props? All three consoles are hear for us all to enjoy, why can't we just do that.

Icecold334946d ago

Excellent Post! Bubbles of U!

I never really looked at it that way, but all of your points are valid. You have inspired me to do something similar I looked at IGN AU's past posts and here is what I have found.

IGN 8.9 Actually rates tougher than the other IGNs, here are all IGN scores at or above 8.9 on the big three consoles.

Viva Pinata 9.0
Call of Duty 3 9.0
BioShock 9.5
Gears of War 9.5
Guitar Hero II 9.4
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 9.4
Gears of War Shooter 9.4
Guitar Hero II 9.3
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 9.3
Elder Scrolls IV: 9.3
Forza Motorsport 2 [AU] 9.2
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 9.2

Motorstorm 8.9

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 9.6
Super Paper Mario 8.9

So, just by crunching the numbers from IGN AU, one would have to say HALO3's 8.9 is a pretty darn good score.

ukilnme4946d ago

Great post man. I agree with you 100%. I'll have 2 of the 3 Next Gen consoles by Christmas and will achieve total gaming bliss sometime early next year. Haters hate, flamers flame and gamers game.

tuaamin134946d ago

How about this logic:
Halo is an 8.9 on IGN AU
Halo is a AAA game.
Motorstorm also scored an 8.9 on IGN AU
Thus Motorstorm is AAA.
Will Xbox 360 people admit this? Probably not.

Anyhow, people need to stop dribbling crap about AAA titles and whose system is better. I enjoy my PS3 with the 2 games I have purchased to date for it (neither of which are Motorstorm btw). I feel it is worth the $500 I paid for it. So long as you're happy with the system you own, you shouldn't try to bash other people's systems. Doing so makes you seem small and that you have an inferiority complex. Just grow up and have fun with what you have.

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23478ueyur_9382234947d ago

The metacritic is still 96, which ties BioShock, so it's pointless to use this as fuel to denounce it of its AAA position.

jackdoe4947d ago

An 8.9 in my book is AAA material anyway.

devilsadvocate4947d ago

no one can honestly say this wont be aaa title, the reviews so far have been amazing generally. However, there does seem to be a certain fear on saying anything negative about halo3 from the reviewers point. The way some are saying things like "halo 3 single player isnt perfect. There i've said it", just makes me believe that some are worried about a backlash if they state what might be a different opinion (although opinion all the same). Halo3 will go down as probably the biggest game of the year so, fanboys should just stop hating on it. I am not a great fan but can appreciate the excitment and work that has gone into this game.

DeadIIIRed4946d ago

Suddenly when Halo 3 is subject to bad reviews, every Xbot comes out and suddenly bad reviews don't have anything to do with a AAA standing. Hypocrites.

jackdoe4947d ago

Shouldn't this be in the general news article that covers all the Halo reviews?

Bibto4947d ago (Edited 4947d ago )

I would say that Halo 3 deserves at least a 9. From what I have seen from other reviews, Bungie has done enough to get at least a 9 rating. This game is a AAA title, whether you think it's overrated or not.

If anything ruins this game for me, it would be Microsoft. When I open my copy of Halo 3, and the skies do not part, with a choir of angels and beams of light illuminating my copy, I'm going to assume that I have bought a defective copy, and I will will return it to the shop until I have a copy that works as Microsoft has hyped it up to work.