No More Heroes: Violence reduced in Japan; to be ultra-violent elsewhere

In an interview with Kotaku, Suda 51's Goichi Suda acknowledges that the level of violence in No More Heroes has been toned down for the Japanese audience but stresses that this will not be the case for the American and European markets. Suda says that No More Heroes was going to be violent. Like, Manhunt 2 violent.

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Azurite4045d ago

Nice to have that clarified.
I believe this'll be a must-buy for the Wii, though, I'd still wait to see what the reviews will say.

And remember to only play/buy it if you're at the appropriate age :)

MK_Red4045d ago

Stupid how Japan's violent games get censored in their own country.

Good find and news. I'm more than glad to hear this superb game being "ultra-violent elsewhere" (Hope stupid ERSB doesn't go AO crazy again...)