Can Halo 3 turn things around for Xbox 360? Sony Speaks

Seattle Post-Intelligencer checked in with Sony to see if the company had any comment on how Halo 3 would shape the competitive landscape this holiday season. Here's the full statement that Sony sent in response:

"We've never been dependent on any one game -- PlayStation has always offered a very diverse portfolio of gaming experiences and this year is no different. We're offering more than 10 exclusive PS3 titles in North America this holiday season across multiple genres and demographics. And in early to mid 2008 we'll continue to add innovative and diverse games like Gran Turismo 5, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear Solid 4."

Shane Kim, Microsoft Game Studios corporate vice president, sees things differently, of course: "Sony has no answer to Halo 3," he said in an interview. Kim also cited other upcoming Xbox 360 games, including Mass Effect, which he expects to be high in the sales rankings.

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marionz4947d ago

what would sony know, anyway halo is finally out in New Zealand so im off to the shop to pick up my preorder SWEET!

marionz4947d ago

halo 3 is awesome, the graphics arnt up there with GOW or bioshock, but who cars, the gameplay is slick as!

just got my first achievement FEAR THE PINK MIST!

TheZippo4947d ago

I disagree with you about the graphics, I'm going to say I think they are better. Halo has a HUGE color scheme unlike Gears of War. I've only had time to play a little of the first level but I was amazed. The lighting through the trees is awesome I love it. I loved Gears for it's style also, dark and gritty but It's environments are not as expansive as Halo's.

ElementX4947d ago

What do you mean "turn things around?" It's selling better than PS3.

DrRage774947d ago

i love how people actually disagreed with your statement when all you said was the the 360 is selling better than the ps3

hey losers, instead of disagreeing, why don't you actaully post a comment to back up your disagrees...oh wait, you can't because the 360 IS OUTSELLING the ps3......idiots LMFAO

razer4947d ago

What the hell is there to turn around??

Typical grabbing attention headline.. Must apply grain of salt.

Just like the PS3 is doomed articles..

Btw - Who gives a fark what Sony thinks about Halo 3? Of course they are going to spin, spin, spin to their advantage.

The whole 360 vs PS3 thing is starting to get old..

cdzie14947d ago

Just wait, Sony has a secret weapon coming out for PS3 next year. It’s a special feature in the controller that rumbles according to what’s happening on screen.. it’s going to blow everyone away…

What? That’s been in every game system since 1996? Oh… never mind…

batman2million4947d ago

LMAO! well said! bubble for u

xplosneer4947d ago

STARTING to get old? How bout so old it's last millennium.

romaink4947d ago

Exactly what I was gonna say! I guess it's reporter bias to create such a title for this article. Does the xbox 360 need to be turned around? If it's already on it's way up, then the title is implying that Halo 3 would bring a decline to it's rapid success.
I guess this article is pointless after all...

Vertius4947d ago

The reason some believe the 360 needs to be "turned around" is because, as it stands now, the 360 is only appealing to a narrow demographic of 12-25 year olds who enjoy FPS and Sports games and playing games online. It's easy to think this demographic is widespread, since most of that demographic would spend time on the internet, and it may be larger in the American market, but on the world stage, it's a narrow demographic.

kreetah4947d ago

Microsoft is hoping (and most agree) that Halo3 will offset their cost for the RROD and finally allow the Xbox line to make a profit seeing as how it has lost money over the last 5 years that the Xbox name has been around.

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Wozzer4947d ago

Why do people always compare Sony and MS? 360 has been out a lot longer and so has a head start advantage, obviously it is going to have a larger user base and higher amount of consoles sold ffs!

Wozzer4947d ago

Why do people always compare Sony and MS? 360 has been out a lot longer and so has a head start advantage, obviously it is going to have a larger user base and higher amount of consoles sold ffs!