Robbers target GameStop stores over Halo

With the launch Halo 3 just hours away, news comes today of a rash of robberies at GameStop stores in Arizona. Armed robbers have reportedly targeted four GameStop stores in Phoenix and Glendale. Local KNXV reports that a new shipment of Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360s had hit Valley stores Monday. That's when two armed men stormed inside, demanding cash and video game consoles, according to witnesses. "I was told that the female manager was crying on the floor," said one customer. "It was a bad scene."

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Syko4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

I promise it is only a coincidence that I live in Phoenix and work in Glendale... It seems to be the motto here lately, If the heat doesn't kill you somebody here might. Crimes out of control around these parts lately. Hell even 3 cops have been killed this year alone.

[email protected]: The smart people never get their hands dirty =). Plus, I made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Play teh Haloz on my HDTV with 1100+ watts of Digital 5.1...Till I get home from work at least.

Cat4044d ago

uh huh, sure. i can't believe you sent your little brother to steal for you! ;)

Ignorant Fanboy4044d ago

Master Chief wasnt there.

The way the crowd was last night where I was, If someone tried to rob them there would be a mob of people going after them, these robbers would have literally been torn limb from limb by 13 year old boys up past their bedtimes.

PS360PCROCKS4044d ago

Just gotta be smart like me and go to the mall Gamestop where their is only about 150-200 pre-orders! I pre-ordered yesterday and got in line about 11:15 and was in and out and home by 12:30 on the dot playing Halo 3.

Morbius4204043d ago

I too pre-ordered about 5pm yesterday. I got in line around 8 and i was out of there with my copy about twenty-five minutes past midnite. The people in line were cool and I only saw one police car for about five minutes. I lost my cell phone while in line and somebody returned it to GameStop where I picked it up today. Gamers are the coolest people and from now on I'll only pre-order from GameStop.

4044d ago