Halo 3 beats movies in profit, if not revenue

Citing figures from L.A. Times, Keith Stuart writes in Guardian Unlimited and puts a perspective on the confused, unspecific myth that the games business is 'worth more' than movies these days. Stuart points out that Halo 3 will beat movies in profit, if not in revenue. The reason: a Hollywood blockbuster costs much more in production and marketing, and Hollywood stars and talents take considerable cuts out of the movie's earnings.

Whereas a blockbuster movie like Spider-Man 3 has a profit margin of around 46%, Halo 3 can reasonably hope for a whopping 90%. Spider-Man 3 cost Sony $400 million to produce and release in theaters, an additional $100 million to produce and release for DVDs, and more in profit participation and residual payments made to the Hollywood stars and talents involved; Halo 3 cost Microsoft a little more than $60 million to develop and market.

(Stuart is a freelance writer for The Guardian, Official PlayStation Magazine and Pocket Gamer as well as the digitally distributed handheld gaming mag, HGZine.)

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Shadow Flare4043d ago

I am getting absolutely sick of all these Halo 3 articles. 1/2 the pending news section is Halo 3, a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the home page is Halo 3....aaargh. Oh, 'Master Chief prefers ketchup to bbq sauce' oh, 'Master Chief's eyes are visible through visor' oh, 'Master Chief is a complete queer and he buys OK magazine'....WHO THE HELL CARES!!! Not everyone likes Halo that much

iceice1234043d ago

Also in love with a computer woman.


Hey SOnykids, aleast you'll have NG4 all to your lonesome tommorow, LOL, you can ban togethor & work on your next big juicey FUD project !!!

The Xbots will all be FINISHING THE FIGHT...

While the SOnykids will be FINISHING OFF THEIR DIAPERS.


Bombomb4043d ago

Why don't you go play warhawk or HS..your self professed AAA titles..

obviously you clicked on the article so how can you be sick of it?

As I recall there is a PS3 tab right at the top, all you have to do is click and stay withing that tab...oh yeah don't forget the wii tab too...

Better yet if the PS3 tabs bore you, go watch a BD movie serioulsy...if this was a PS3 game you wouldn't be spewing the same sh#t out ya mouth.

Xi4043d ago

why the f are you reading these articles. just ignore them. I rarely if ever go into the wii or ps3 section, I suggest you do the same for the 360 section.

risk4043d ago

blackjack im pretty sure you'll be wiating for "finish the repairs" ;P

MaximusPrime4043d ago

nope you are not alone, i am sick of hearing Halo 3.

REbirth4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

i'm getting tired of halo news too...but we gonna have our time...why to post all reviews of halo 3? thats sick...hundred of reviews in this site for what? gamespot ign and 1up was enough...

but i have to say that this article is good...and this is great news for the gaming industry!

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ironwolf4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

and cuddle up in bed with your PS3. You damn sure can't do anything else with it.

Maybe, it will listen to your whining.

IRONMAN_X574043d ago

ill be playin WARHAWK rokin dudes in jets in sh*t which halo3 cant so cause it sucks, srry your overhyped BS, just digs yourselves deeper

cheatmaster284043d ago


games4fun4043d ago

i dont like halo, but others do thats fine, but to say it makes more than a movie and to quote spiderman 3 as worse in sales is blatantly stupid you dont know the profit margins at all and the other problem is that worldwide spiderman 3 sales kill pretty much any video game including the all coveted halo i only recently made this account the other day but i realize that pretty much everyone who posts here like to think they are true gamers when they are a bunch of biased console horse. seriously very few of you people are probably over 16 and that is being generous i now have to find a new place to look for gaming news as this site is a piece of sh%t. i could leave a comment on how i think one console is better than another but im not an a$$hole

Peekay4043d ago

what is up with that??!! This game costs $60. A movie ticket is $8. Why is MS obsessed with beating Spidey - there's no comparison! If anything they should be focused on beating the records of FF, MGS and GT franchises.

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