Quarter to three gives Halo 3 a negative review.

So, yeah, Halo 3. Biggest gaming event of the year, I suppose. Last night, I got from it everything I'm going to get from the single player game. It's short. I finished the Normal mode in a single evening, clocking maybe eight or ten hours, most of them out of a sense of obligation rather than wanting to know what happens next.

I could complain again about how Bungie has never put bots in the game, but no one expects it and it's no longer any surprise, given that Microsoft wants Halo to move Xbox Live accounts. And, to be honest, I am looking forward to jumping online when the game goes live Monday night. But I still wish I could practice the maps on my own.

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iceice1234044d ago

No name site trying to get attention. Nothing to see here.

mirroredderorrim4044d ago

I admit, I'm going to be playing Halo 3 tonight, but I think the hype is just that. IMO Halo 3 is going to be used 95% if not more for the multi. People basically just want to see a "finished story" and play Master chief through next gen graphics. (new weapons too)

The game dosn't have much to offer than that.

wil4hire4044d ago

Take a look at that "no name" sites forums. I'm glad that someone made the observation:
"Like Metroids and Zeldas, it'll get unswervingly positive reviews from people who wouldn't know narrative from nonsense, people who make sweeping misguided assumptions about the average guy jumping online and having a grand ol' time getting teabagged and called a fa**ot."

InMyOpinion4044d ago

That's every online fps you're talking about there. That's just not true, that everyone on XBL is an elite gamer. And why blame Halo 3 for what some jerks do or say online? There are different areas for you to play in also, ones that don't allow words like that. If you don't like playing Halo 3 with strangers on the net, why not create a game and play with some friends(unlike the reviewer, Average Joe has friends)?

TheMART4044d ago

"clocking maybe eight or ten hours"

That's still a lot more then for example Heavenly Sword with 5 hours of gameplay. And that for a DL-DVD compared to a BluRay :P

wil4hire4044d ago

Has been clocked from 6-10 hours? Considering it isn't Sony's biggest or even known franchise. Every review of the game gives it praise for how amazingly beautiful\amazing gameplay\etc. Its ONLY shortcoming is length, which is odd, because until Heavenly Sword, I don't remember any game getting knocked for being "short"(6-10) hours.

Goshyujin_Sama4044d ago

The idiot rears his ugly head. Heres a bit of news, HS has a storyline n00b!

DJ4044d ago

And I've been breezing through the battles since I have the counter system down pretty well. But 5 hours?? Come on now, don't be ridiculous. We already predicted people like you would take the reviewer average of 8~10 hours to something almost half that length.

harv0524044d ago

"clocking maybe eight or ten hours"

That's still a lot more then for example Heavenly Sword with 5 hours of gameplay. And that for a DL-DVD compared to a BluRay :P

Oh and not forgeting HS has like 8 different languages to choose from, hence the full 25gb blu ray.....bad example on your part...

InMyOpinion4044d ago

And guess what!? Halo 3 has one of the biggest online features ever in a console game. Loads of maps, the forge where you build your own maps that can be uploaded for others to enjoy etc. When replaying the game on harder difficulty it also has some of the best enemy AI to date. More than you can say about the drone-like enemies in Heavenly Short, that all wear the same outfits and circle around you, just waiting to get killed.

Why does'nt MGS4 have online? Oh, it's on another disc you say? It's a "different game" that you also have to pay for?! Just like the GT5 prologue demo. I thought it would all fit on the mighty Blu-Ray, it's so big and efficient...hmmm.

I'm glad we don't get to see a gimped version of Halo 3 with "Halo online" sold separately. PS3 owners are gettin teabagged when it comes to games...

ravinash4044d ago

Jenzo says Why does'nt MGS4 have online? Oh, it's on another disc you say? It's a "different game" that you also have to pay for?! Just like the GT5 prologue demo. I thought it would all fit on the mighty Blu-Ray, it's so big and efficient...hmmm.
----------------------------- ------------------------------- --------
MGS multiplayer comes bundled with MGS4, so it might be on another disk but it still comes in the same pack.

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SmokeyMcBear4044d ago

damnnnnn... that review had claws. Should someone review a game for what it is supposed to be, an online multiplayer that people can log countless hours of fun gameplay?

jmoneezie4044d ago

This guy must be master chief's illegitimate child, and he's pissed that daddy didn't take hit with him to finish the fight...haha.

There was more there than simply not liking the game, haha, I could see childhood abuse, growing up in the streets, and all other kinds of abhorrence coming from that

Goshyujin_Sama4044d ago

WHile the review was a bit harsh, I cant really disagree with the reviewer. Having played an finished Halo3 already, I can honestly say that its a fun game. However the reviews its getting are outrageously high. And honestly although the game was fun, it is very short. I finished it in about 9hrs where as BioShock took me a good 25hrs to finish. And thats another thing, compared to Bioshock, Halo 3's campaign mode is quite simply a joke, and could only be appealing to fans of the series. Honestly BioShock is a much better game in every aspect. The only thing Halo 3 has on BioShock is its multi-player mode, in which case I would rather play gears/warhawk and soon to come UT3.

Close_Second4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Gears of War multiplayer sucks big hairy dogs balls! If you're not the host or live next door to the host then its just plain laggy. Also, all the multiplayer modes are all about running to the middle of a map to grab the best weapons for a 30 second showdown.

When they finally released some new maps and game mode it did get better however, there is no denying that the host advantage still plays a major role in GOW on-line.

darx4044d ago

Riiight! You beat both Halo 3 and Bioshock...pretty hard to do when you do not even own a 360. Did you accomplish this on your friends 360?

Goshyujin_Sama4044d ago

I know its hard to believe that someone who ones XBOX 360 isnt happy with Halo 3's performance, but let me just tell you that I am a true gamer, and being so means that I have all the consols, yes I have PS3, Xbox360, Wii, DS, GBA, PSP, GameCube, XBOX, PS2, PS1, and an off the hook PC. Yes I own all the mainstream systems and yes I already played and beat Halo3 and No, it dosent live up to its own hype. And to rate Halo 3 higher than BIoShock which was a great game is just stupid to me. So yea, you can try to take a cheap shot at me if you want but I dont have to prove a thing to you or any other n00b who questions me having a 360. I got my 360 the day it dropped, and I waited 5hrs in line for it. So you can shut your face!

Jones Miller4044d ago

Yeah that´s right! I´m downright calling you a big fat liar! Go play Lair or something!

reaferfore204044d ago

Just because someone doesn't have their gamertag listed doesn't mean they're a big fat liar you know? I have both of mine on here and sometimes I kind of think I should take them off so I don't get random friend requests from people I don't know or care about. Just because someone doesn't like an overhyped game as much as you do doesn't mean you have to go and say something just to get attention. Other people do have opinions, and they matter just as much as yours.

doublertist4043d ago

fact is that if he beat it already that just shows that he has a chipped 360 so hes not going to go online and a gamertag is useless...maybe if you owned an xbox you would know that...dumbsh!T

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