Halo 3: Point Of Sale Gear and Accessories

The fact that Halo 3 is the most (over?) accessorized game release of all time is old news. IGN has already run down the plethora of gear and collectables that have been launched in concert with the game's release, which at the moment is just hours away. Though one might guess that several dozen licensed accessories, games, comics, statues, cases, systems, and controllers might be enough for even the biggest Halo fan, Microsoft isn't planning on letting up until the very second eager fans get their mitts on a copy of the game. Today the company has stocked GameStop retail locations across the country with large point of sale displays featuring all manner of inexpensive Halo goodies to temp fans picking up the game.

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s8anicslayer4042d ago

too bad there won't be any masterchief costumes on sale this halloween.I'd be fragin with eggs